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Thread: Non incontinent wearers: What positions do you take to pee in your diaper?

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    Default Non incontinent wearers: What positions do you take to pee in your diaper?

    What positions do you take to pee in your diaper? Do you stand up, sit down, sit onthe toilet seat, lie down?

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    easiest for me is to lie down (stomach down). I can stomach up but it takes some concentration.

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    Depending on the situation, all of the above and sometimes get on my knees and elbows if I need to go in the middle of the night and I've already wet it earlier while on my back.

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    I like to either be standing up or sitting with my knees up if I'm watching television.

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    i like to do it in whenever i get the urge. So if I'm standing or sitting or whatever i just go.

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    I've gotten to the point that I can usually just go in whatever position I'm in at the moment. It's generally in a sitting position, whether it be in my computer chair at home, work, or watching TV on the couch.

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    I can barely go sitting down never lying down but I can go anywhere when I'm standing.

    Stupid potty training, conditioning me to pee standing up and not on the furniture or in bed.

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    If I'm just sitting in my chair I can easily just go in that position. But when I'm in bed. I always have to sit up to get the pee flowing.

    If I'm standing then I just continue standing to get the pee flowing into the diaper.

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