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Thread: Fantasies, do they live up to the expectation?

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    Default Fantasies, do they live up to the expectation?

    I have been curious. I think most (if not all) of us have fantasies such as having someone else change your diaper.

    So question, what are your fantasies and if you have had a fantasy come true was it what you expected or do you wish you kept it as a fantasy?

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    I remember when it came to having sex for the first time, I wish I left it at fantasy

    Can you say most hyped up shit ever? Don't get me wrong, it's cool, but yeah. Not that big of a deal.

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    I've had a number of fantasies come true, and most of them have been awesome! Getting changed the first time was actually super nerve-wracking, almost to the point where I was too nervous to enjoy it properly. Diapered sex, my first time in a cage, bondage, and having a caretaker, though, have been utterly amazing!

    At this point, one of my big fantasies is having a nursury, and I have plans underway to make that happen.

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    The only fantasy I've had come true was... Wait... I've never had a fantasy come true feels bad man!

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    My fantasies are too fantastical to ever come true!

    I like it this way; never dissatisfied.

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    Having my diaper changed was less exciting than I imagined, but having a caretaker look after me just...blew my mind! It was everything I expected and more :3

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    Now, I've never had anyone change my diaper (And it's very likely I won't ever :$) but I know from personal experience that many fantasies don't live up entirely to what you really feel at the time. It's best not to get your hopes up too much about things; if you think a certain situation will end up being absolutely paradisiacal, yet it just ends up being plain old "wonderful", it won't feel wonderful because you expected a lot more. Of course, I'm not saying you shouldn't hope, that would be stupid. Just, don't think "OH WOW, I BET FIREWORKS WILL COME OUT OF MY BUTT AND THERE'LL BE SINGING AND DANCING AND IT WILL BE MINDBLOWING" X3

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    All the diaper fantasies I ever had included my wife and the more she fulfilled the better it seemed to get. There's still nothing that gets me more excited than seeing my wife in a diaper.

    I guess it all has to do with your frame of mind but I'm a happy guy every time.

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    YouTube - Full Metal Alchemist - Episode 16 Part 2 Eng Dub

    This seems like a good point to me.

    Also nothing plays out exactly as people want. And if you ask/tell someone to baby/diaper you in a specific way it won't be genuine. A current example is that I think my dad should kick me out of the house, etc if I don't start going to school/getting my life on track. I am not into drugs and never have been but I am a overall slacker and like everyone else still don't know what I want to do.

    However I feel if I tell my dad to do this then the motivation would be lost since it's coming from me, not him.

    Also exceptions have NEVER aligned with reality for me. Just like this shows.

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    I don't want to talk about the welfare i'm intitled to it's disapointing great now I wont have enough money thinking about the distant near future.
    it's how it really feels to have it true, i can afford stuff yeah assuming i only need food, and then if I only eat instant noodles.
    [yeah rip of country…][hmm i guess some people do have a relatively simple diet.]
    Okay not the most unreasonable… (›_‹)' my parents assume that for me living on myself is easier than it is.
    Not quite as escepted but somehow I think as a little kid… i’m not really disapointed except that I thought I’d never get ill and the education situation, towards myself that’s a different issue.
    In terms of things I could have done differently I think would have been listening to my parents less.
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