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    I am not an AB or a DL (please don't eat me!). For a long time I identified as a "little fur" and I probably still would if I was active in the furry community. But I grew up biologically and I had a child and got married and now things are a lot different, and though my husband doesn't mind my furry side, he's weirded out by my little side. Not to mention how hard it is to be little with a child in the house.

    When I was about twenty-three I developed an interest in diapers because I met a couple of men who were really into them. They liked taking care of ABs and they enjoyed wearing diapers. I tried hard not to get into it, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea. So though it's not something that I do, it's something that interests me.

    I am an active ageplayer in the sense that I have inner children (yes, more than one, and one of them fluctuates between being a toddler aged child and a teenager -- I guess you could say I have an inner child who is a TB in a sense).

    At any rate, I thought I'd sign up because I tend to want to talk rather than lurk. I'm not a very good lurker. I hope nobody eats me.

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    LOL, we won't eat you! Well, at least I won't

    So anyways, aside from having children and a husband, what sorts of non-diaper, non-little stuff do you do for fun?


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    I'm a college student currently studying psychology. Eventually I want to explore the psychology of criminal sexual deviation (specifically pedophilia) as a research psychologist. And no, I'm not saying that there is a connection between AB/DL and pedophilia. As far as deviation in general, I'm curious about what makes me tick. I'm interested in my own mind.

    Other than that I do a ton of writing. Right now I'm working on a bunch of web articles, mostly doing book reviews. Lately almost all I read is young adult stuff, which disappoints me because I used to love the classics.

    We have a new Rottweiler puppy who's going to be trained as a therapy dog. She's not had all of her shots yet so we aren't out and in the world just yet, but soon enough I hope to have her certified.

    I love the theater, specifically acting, but I also love to be in the audience and if necessary, I can direct

    I knit, I crochet, I do other crafts. I love to pretend that I can sew (but I can't).

    And I am really looking forward to losing weight so that I can get active hiking again.

    That's me in a nutshell. lol

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    I hate double posting, but I can't edit :-/

    I had wanted to add that I wouldn't be studying psychology if I could go to school on the ground. Daycare is just too expensive. I'd be studying either anthropology or theater

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    Welcome to the site. Baby furs and Little furs and plentiful on this site, so you have found a good home. You've written and excellent introduction for yourself. The only thing that concerns me is your statement about being little and having a child, more specifically, your husband's concern. I'm married with children, and I was never my little self in front of them. I assume you would do the same? Parenting is such a serious job, and we are their caretakers. We must always think of them first and be a good example. There is a time and place for everything. My time was when no one else was home. The kids are grown and out of the house, so I have more freedom. Once the kids are in bed would no doubt work well for you.

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    I don't know that my husband is concerned, per se. He's just not interested.

    We're at that stage where there is no alone time. My daughter's very young, and we're even planning on home schooling, which is going to limit my chances to have personal space when I need it. School's tough enough. Honestly, when it's just me I'm usually studying because that's the only time that I have.

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