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Thread: Anyone else use the diaper genie

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    Default Anyone else use the diaper genie

    I bought me diaper pail tonight from Walmart it cost me $30.00 for it and had change when I got home and the adult diapers fit perfect in it with so odor at all.

    I used the same one before and forgot how good they are if you can hide it buy one if you can no smell at all and refill are about $7.00 240 in it. What last me months or two.

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    Yup I bought the DG elite at babies r us like 2 yrs ago and they can hold adult diapers easily. I hide mine by placing a black plastic bag over mine. Not the best way to hide it but its good enough for me if people are over.

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    Yes There good I love it take the smell out of the room and there easy to hide because not large but hold a week amount those.

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    I like the old style diaper pales that don't seal them shut.

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    Yeah I have a diaper genie used it for years and love it.

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    Diaper Genie? You rub your pail and get 3 wishes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarrenW View Post
    Diaper Genie? You rub your pail and get 3 wishes?
    1. wipe
    2. powder
    3. fresh nappy

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    I'm looking at getting a Diaper Dekor XL, anyone have experience using one of them for adult nappies?

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    I want a Diaper Dekor XL. thoes pales are designed for adult diapers. the diaper genie is designed for baby diapers only

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    I use a plastic diaper bucket. It has cute duck picture on the front and a nice colourful lid. I keep it in my bathroom.

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