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    Default Hi everybody!

    Hi, I'm a french (so sorry for my bad english) TB/DL that is really shy and that like being treated like a baby. I'm studying at highschool and I am really occuped with my part-time job, which make it hard for me to act as a TB/DL.

    I'm here, because I really like diaper (that why I'm here) and to be babyed as well. But my other occupation : I often play soccer (if I can), I draw (mostly at school) and I kind of like swimming. And if, I said IF, I got time (rarely) I play video games.

    So, that's me! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my stay here and have more diaper talk with other people.

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    Your English is pretty dang good for having "bad english" xD As for the time problem; that really does affect us all doesn't it? The only thing we can really do is try different schedules to see which fits everything in, or almost everything. Anyways, you'll have a great time here, and don't forget to read the rules!

    Bienvenue ADISC!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Except for drawing we have the same hobbies. What do you draw at school?

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