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Thread: Person is me.

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    Default Person is me.

    Anyway Other than possibly a phew mild mental problems due to being abused as a kid, and threw being a teenager I’m mentally alright[ah hmm ah quite sane... apparently but not quite emotionally on-top.]
    Well yeah you can see my profile for my interests some fo them have alot of interests I love certain sports but not all surfing is my number one hobby right now; surfer for life man.
    My thoughts are needlessly complicated sometimes but quite honestly I guess it doesn't need to be. So how are you I guess?

    [JOKE]Let me ponder and sleep on the question of how you love! :–P Yes you love me right you really love me! Nah what?[.JOKE]

    Just kidding I’m not that crazy about you guys hmm why am I a good person to hang around because… because I have too much to rant about and honest would probably get me into lots of problems else where so yeah maybe that’s a reason to hang about.

    I wish I had a beter childhood ah don't we all I guess[ah naw, at-least no that-much.]
    ‹(–_–)› I find it too complicated to talk about stuff. My life is too complicated.
    But I love learning languages, and stuff. and the time discussion is interesting.
    And beyond that I’d prefer to be left alone as much as possible except I like having smart people as friends lots of smart people.
    Theirs also alot of good stuff about my life mostly just visiting the world odly enough I guess my life is stranger than I am.

    I’m currently ninteen as of the time I last edited this post.
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    Wow, that's a bit... Disjointed. Anyways, welcome.

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    I don't know how to live but I got alot of toys;
    [proper quote]
    I don't know how to be a kid but I got a lot of toys;
    [my perversion]

    hmm ah teenbaby identity. I’m 19.
    eta: I put in alot of effort into being vague…… too much.
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