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    Hello. Long time listener, first time caller here. Most introductions usually seem cheap and generic and this won't be an exception. I am a like minded individual seeking to interact with people with similar interests. This "world" of ours seems to be expanding exponentially thanks to the internet and it seems like time to put my hat into the ring. I am really a boring person who is usually too cheap or broke to follow my interests. That said, I like: pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, Im not into yoga (not flexible enough), I am into champagne. Lol. But really I like using my hands and brain equally, all things Mac, and free civil liberties. To sum it up I am pro: gun, abortion, freedoms, alcohol, marijuana (dont use it but think i should be allowed to if I wanted), and grammar (though this pose may not be exactly correct. Too much editing i think, sorry) Anti: smoking, oppression, government involvement, drug (except ones mentioned), and tools (people tools, not thing tools). Turned out to be not as generic as i thought,. Anyways, feel free to message me if you wish. As the name implies, I am male. If you want to know anything else, just ask. Out.

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    Not a bad introduction, man. Do you listen to music, or have any unique preferences on movies? And fyi, you don't need to be flexible to be "good at" yoga (if you didn't know). Coincidentally, I'm doing a research project on the legalization of marijuana. You can read some scholarly articles on this link if you're /really/ interested. EBSCOhost - world username is: s9769739. password is password

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    Thanks for the reply. Just about any music genre will do. I am much more particular about the individual song or artist. There are far to many people/bands who think they can sing these days. I would say that maybe 1 in 20 actually are true artists. Sad really. Same thing can be said for movies. I look for quality over genre,oddly enough some of the movies that i thought i would despise before watching them turned out to be some of my favorites. Oddly enough the yoga thing came from a song (bonus if you can name it). The real reason probably has more to do with a lack of dedication (and not having a hot girlfriend to do it with/ ogle at in yoga pants). The research project sounds awesome, more people should do stuff like that; it would probably erase a lot of the stigmas. Unfortunately it can also get you put on a "stoner list" of sorts if the wrong people (read: closed minded) know about it. Have a good one.

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    you should lurk more! haha no, this isn't a chan XD welcome to adisc. and i do agree that introductions seem generic, but i thinlk that;s because most of the new posters are afraid they will be critisized if hey post anything more than "my name is mike, i like football, etc" but i'm glad to see that you arne't afraid to open up to us internet dwellers :3

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    Hello and welcome! Let's see, a strong libertarian streak and a champagne fan? I think this'll work.

    Speaking of champagne, I know the basics, but do tell, what do you like? What does a connoisseur of champagne look for in terms of flavor variants and other qualities of the beverage? I'm a beer connoisseur myself, and I can enjoy a good wine or sake, as well. Champagne always strikes me as a "special occasion" or "celebratory" beverage, not something that I'd grab after a long day or whatever, but then, maybe that's a misperception on my part too.

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    Well, lets see. I would definately not call myself a connoisseur of champagne. My best advice as with all things is to try lots and buy what you like. I generally prefer something with an actual cork, but on occasion have been known to enjoy a "good" $5.99 bottle. You probably wont go wrong with a $10 - $15 bottle, Korbel is my current go-to. While it is OK for special occasions, there is nothing wrong with uncorking a bottle every now and then just for the flavor. I saw a commercial not too long ago for some microwave meal that implied that just having their food was cause for celebration, on a thursday or something. I guess one could look at champagne the same way, celebrate just because you are drinking it. Also, dont forget that true champagne gets its name from the region in which its bottled, not because it sparkles. You may find that prosecco is just as enjoyable. And then there are flavored sparkeling wines that you may also like. I tend to pair my beverage choice to the food I am eating. I would probably not have champagne with a heavy meal, at least not until the desert course :-). Finally, be careful with the corks, like mom always said: You'll put your eye out!

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    Hmmm songs about dating ads. Do they belong on a site not for dating? Hmmm *headscritch*

    I like: pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, Im not into yoga (not flexible enough), I am into champagne.
    OP was quoting from a late 70's song, the Pina Colada Song. He wondered if we knew it; if you don't here it is, followed by some alternative lyrics of my own devising (the underlines are stress marks to help with the rhythm)

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    Hmmm... Never really thought about it being a "dating song," more a catchy way to describe myself (and a good song, IMHO). Sorry if I made it seem otherwise. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Meeting someone from this site in person would probably be the last thing i would consider. Without getting into too much detail, should anyone from my professional life find out about this side of me I would most certainly need to move to a different part of the country. that is not something I am prepared to do just yet. Not that I am a celebrity or even have that important of a job, its just that due to the nature of fellow employees I would not be able to work locally or regionally. Hope that clears things up. Oh, and congrats on naming the song.

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