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Thread: I have been wondering this for a while...could I be incontinent, or is this normal?

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    Default I have been wondering this for a while...could I be incontinent, or is this normal?

    For almost two years, I have been wetting my pants, not enough to show up more than a dot on my pants, 4-6 times a week. The last time I had a full blown accident in public was 3 months ago. However, I rarely wet in my sleep more than enough to go onto the bed. Also, after I go to the bathroom, I occasionally leak if I exercise or move around enough soon enough after. Is this just bladder weakness or incontinence?

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    You should go see a doctor about this. It certainly isn't normal, and may be an indication of any number of health problems. It might be the beginnings of becoming incontinent, or it might just be a small symptom in an unnoticed disease that's festering inside you. A professional should take a look.

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    Get a doctor to have a look!!

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    Yeah, I would say to go and get checked out for that one. You have described a few possible/potential problems.

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    Can someone help? Over the last few days, the accidents have become much larger and more frequent? No one said anything to me about it in school... but I am sure people noticed. I don't care about changing for gym; I am wearing tomorrow.

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    The other thread you created on this topic has more action, so I'm closing this and directing attention there:

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