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Thread: How Common Are Furries?

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    Default How Common Are Furries?

    Over the past few weeks, I've been noticing that this page tends to move very slowly. I assume that is because only a small segment of people are furries.

    I was just wondering, does anyone know about how common furries are? I'm kinda curious as to the percentage of people who are furries. Just a general ratio of Furry:Non Furry would be good, if anyone even has any idea.

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    It's less to do with the prevalance of Furries per se - there are probably substantially more Furries in the general population than *B/DLs - and more to do with the fact that Babyfurs/Diaperfurs represent the intersection of two uncommon interests, and thus, inevitably, are going to be even more uncommon. If relatively few people are Furries, and fewer still *B/DLs, then the number who are both is going to be pretty miniscule.

    See the below Venn Diagram.

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    To answer your question in a less tl;dr format...Very. Furries are extremely common. I knew four personally in high school and made love to one and wish I had made love to another. This section moves slowly because of the lack of tail swishing.

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    Personally, I think the section moves slowly partly due to what Akastus said, but for a different reason. That is, someone who is a babyfur is also either a TB or an AB. Problems to do with getting/wearing diapers, finding an ABDL mate, or what kind of bottle to get all go in the other forums. As this is a *BDL forum, that's where the focus on the discussion is, not furry issues. If someone wants to post a thread here, it must be an issue relevant largely only to babyfurs (or sometimes furries).

    As for how common we are...again, VERY. I've personally met 3 furries at my old school. I would never expect to meet a TBDL there. So, much more common than *Bs, but less common than queer people.

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    I live with a hive of Furries, and I know hundreds from around the world. Those Furries know hundreds of Furries. And I know hundreds of repressed Furries, and both those and the open(ish) Furries know hundreds of repressed Furries. Of these literally thousands of Furries, I only know a few dozen Babyfurs, to a total of maybe a couple of hundred one circle removed from my main circle of acquaintances.

    If that made any sense, let me know, It's late, I am verra tired.

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    well in the uk (as i dont know about the rest of the world) there is a few, but then there is also alot of people with furry tendencies around that dont know they would be classed as furries.
    but most med towns and biggr in the uk has a few, and in london there is a big meet up every 3 weeks and there is between 1-300 people there

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    I'd also add that in the uk alone (according to UKfur's latest count) there are at least 3000 of us (allowing for about 1000 dead accounts due to the site's age).

    That said the vast majority are not *b/dl, though I personally know about 10 babyfurs and 4 diaperfurs

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    I'm not one but on steam I would say that I find a. Least 1 in 15 people on there are furries.

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    Could someone define furry tendencies for me?

    I found a general lack of useful information when I looked into it in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    Could someone define furry tendencies for me?

    I found a general lack of useful information when I looked into it in the past.
    It's hard to explain because each person will give you a different answer. At one end of the spectrum you have people who just enjoy animals in artwork. On the other end you have people who believe they're really an animal trapped in a human body. Between those two ends you have a whole range of interests.

    You do run into people who believe that all furries are into molesting animals, but that has about as much truth as 'all *B/DL's are pedophiles'. I'm sure there are some out there who are into that particular brand of nastiness, but from what I've seen of the furry fandom, they are shunned or turned into local authorities.

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