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Thread: So HUNGRY!!!! To Order or not to Order?

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    Default So HUNGRY!!!! To Order or not to Order?

    Okay..... what do you think? I have $17 in my wallet yet I need to pay for my insurance and my next paycheck doesn't come until Friday!!! Should I get some pizza tonight? I was thinking Pizza Hut because it is so dang close to my house and then I wouldn't have to tip as much. Give me the pros and cons. I spend too much I know and need to work on saving habits but I'm soooooo hungry!!!!!!!!!!

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    What about a local store? A frozen pizza, or a microwaveable dinner, will be less expensive than Pizza Hut. if you only have $17 to last you 'til Friday... do you have any food in the house?

    (Btw, now I'm hungry! Off to MAKE some food!)

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    If all you have is $17 to last you til the end of the week, then you need to just give up carry out completely for awhile and learn to cook. Ordering from Pizza Hut or any other restaurant is a luxury not a necessity. When you're struggling financially you have to cut spending on luxuries. So don't order the pizza.

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    late to the party, so curious what you did end up deciding what to do. For future reference though, like satyrical said you can get a frozen pizza from the store for much cheaper. Totino's party pizzas are usually incredibly cheap, though the toppings suck, but you can get the cheese ones then get your own toppings to put on it (still for much cheaper then delivery). Some cases, some stores will have deals on a pizza for like $6 dollars (one topping, but can still add your own as well).

    Lastly, if you are deadset on a chain (in the future), dominos is still doing 5.99 one (two can't remember) topping medium pizzas.

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