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    I thought I should probably begin by introducing myself.

    I am currently working on an undergraduate math degree. Some of my specific areas of interest in math are in cryptology, computational complexity theory, and information theory. I also interested in algorithm design and computer security but my knowledge of those areas is largely theoretical.

    I'm generally quite introverted and tend to avoid initiating conversation or talking about myself especially among large groups.

    My hobbies include video games ,reading and watching science fictional and debating philosophy and occasionally questioning people on the coherence and nature of there assumptions.

    Politically my opinions range from socialist to near anarchist but I generally don't get involved in actual politics since it's just making small changes in large stagnant even if they do have important effects on society.

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    Well that means you have lots in common with many here, including being shy and quiet, but the kind of person who'll garner my attention when they do speak. The chat room may be to your liking, many there lurk visible, saying less and listening more. Oh, back in the day when I collected and wore witty buttons, one of my favorites was a take on the anarchist " QUESTION AUTHORITY" which I amended (and donated to a buddy doing library science) which said


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