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Thread: Depend Maximum Protection review

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    Default Depend Maximum Protection review

    I bought the Depend Maximum Protection to try, and I got to say they're better than I thought they would be, even if you lay down there no leaks at all. If you open the package, they look thin but when you put them on their bulked to them if wear sweet or PJ under normal pants you canít tell. They are all white and plastic backed what is better than cloth back in my option and their leak guards and fitted leg and waist band. They do have a blue wetness indicator on them like all due to tell when your wet in need of a change, there is a crinkle to them a little not to be louder, but you can hear it when walking.

    I know in the past with Depend I had a problem with leaks and taps not sticking to them. However, I got to say this fit and hold well with no leaks of any kind or taps no sticking to them. If you do wear it long with the taps and try to take it off for later sorry to say it will rip the plastic once it on it on. If you do mess in them, they do have odor control to them and really canít smell it at first but after a while yes you can in them.

    If you're looking for diaper you can buy at your local store like Rite Aide or one of them this is very good I have now had no problem with them at all their better than my last diaper wing choice or attends. Those did not fit right because they're not fitted there really nothing to them brands paired to this.

    It looks like Depend is stepping up to the plate again and improving their products. I read all good reviews on this.They cost me about $12.00 for them after using coupon you can print on the Depend website and using my Rite Aide card for them.

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    My experience with the maximum protection is much worse. I found them to be very scratchy and uncomfortable, thin, loud as shit, and didn't really hold much more than one wetting. I found the tapes to be basically just Scotch tape which made me not trust the diaper to stay on reliably. A really terrible product which seems to keep getting worse.

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    When the last time you bought them? I just buy mine yesterday night and read reviews and everything for people are full incontinence and need them all good the only complain they had is like said you can't pull take off after always because stick to plastic good. Like I said had problem in past too but it seem changing product for good and I found nothing but good experience so far. Also when you put them are you center your self on diaper and pointing down when wear them male need do that or you will pee right out of the top.

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    The only problem I had with Depend Maximum Protection is when I would tape them up sometimes the tape would come lose and I could never get them to tape back on.

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    Here question when most of you put a diaper on by putting the tape straight across like baby diaper if you are it not the right way to put them on. Adult diaper is not design to go across they got to be apply by an angles top and bottom each one has its own direction it has to be. No matter two or one tape adult diaper the bottom goes up at an angle and upper go down at an angle not straight across. I learn this from my mom. She nurses aid and never had a tape come lose or not stick. However, when I first started wear diaper like Depend I put them across, and they leaked because of coming lose and a few time tapes pop off. If you do the angle way the diaper will stay on securer and not pop or leak on you, it makes a tighter fit and seal.

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    I never really had a problem with them, plus they are right at the store and aren't really even that expensive either. Although I have had a couple of them leak on me it was never too bad, although I don't usually flood them.

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    honesty, i like the loudness. it makes me fell more babyish

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    I never had a problem with them coming off, but they felt particularly uncomfortable when wet...

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    I like them the wetness does not bug me i guest i'n used to it sine i wear 24/7 there good diaper I like then most popular high cost band.

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    I know some people don't like Depend Fitted Maximum, but I do. They are easily available and work well for me. You can't wet them repeatedly but that's no big deal because they aren't designed for that. And I don't think they are all that loud but even if they were, who cares? : )

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