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Thread: Where to buy cute AB Diaper tapes?

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    Question Where to buy cute AB Diaper tapes?

    Where can I discreetly buy some cute AB diaper tapes for my diapers? I want to make mine cuter? Preferably on the cheap, discreet, and cute? Some designs are so awful i've seen but the ones here:

    Diapertapes - macht aus jeder Windel eine ABDL-Windel!

    are amazing. I'm not trying to promote these guys but they are nicely designed but expensive to ship to the U.S.! ($31~ for one roll)

    Anyone know of a place that's cheaper to ship to the U.S.?

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    I think I remember a store where you can buy them online for slightly less, but they were almost never stocked so I won't dig it up.
    However, there is one site that collects actual prints off of baby diapers that you can print out on some special sticker paper.
    Check it out here. They gots a couple of awesome designs already.
    Sure it might be more expensive in the long run... maybe. Iunno how much ink and that kinda paper goes for. Still a thing I'd like to throw out =3

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    Hmmm....a niche market?

    I like the idea...create cute designs for printing on sticky paper! The only thing that makes me nervous is the copyright infringement stuff with these manufacturing giants. Maybe we could request diaper tape designs from ABDL/Babyfur artists, instead, to keep profile low? heck, ideas are free...why not take the idea a step further and create a pattern that wraps around the entire diaper?

    I'd certainly be up for it...I'll have to post some designs on DA in the future. I don't have access to a good color printer, though, so I wouldn't be able to ship anything....But if paper and ink is relatively available, then it could be a good idea!

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    I'd say just find some like the ones from pamperchu and just print them out on your own and then attach them with packing tape. Easy, and basically free.

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    Or by computer paper that sticks and make you own if you want I'm graphic designer and I'll make you one.

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    You can make your own for free by downloading them off my website.


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