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Thread: The show "Harry Law". What do you think about the show?

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    Default The show "Harry Law". What do you think about the show?

    this could be in the mature topics forum but felt more compelled to put it here.

    i have grown addicted to the show harry's law. one i love kathy bates but number the two the show is new and fresh. basically harry who is played by kathy bates(her name in the show is harriet but her nick name is harry) is an ex patent atty who is canned and decides to open up a law firm in a poor neighborhood inside of a shoe store. she takes in clients who often have very little for retainer but never the less need legal services/representation. each episode is a different client(s) but the premise of the show remains the same.

    so the reason for the topic: there is a facebook page for the show and one of the topics is whether the show is quote "liberal propaganda". it seems that any show that shows the "little guy" getting ahead or some one in power helping the person with out power is labeled liberal propaganda....

    so what say you? what do you think about this show? what about other shows like it?

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    My wife and I watch it and I like it. The show was written for a man, the title character being named Harry. Someone suggested Kathy Bates for the lead role and they decided to stick with the original title, thus naming her Harriett. As for liberal propaganda, how sad that the extreme right would have a problem with helping the poor. They ought to read the Bible that they like to thump loud and long. They might find out that there's a key figure in there who did exactly the same thing.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Anything a nanometer to the left of Glenn Beck is considered liberal propaganda these days. God forbid the rich help the poor! There is plenty of food in the dumpsters, right?

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