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    I wanted to do that for a while, since I haven't seen many people who know about it around here.

    Cave Story is a Japanese freeware game made by Pixel, a sprite artist. It is considered the best Freeware game ever, and has been compared to the GBA Metroid and Castlevania games. It's an action-RPG where you must... Actually, I'm not sure I can tell about your objective without spoiling the gameplay, so you'll see what the game is all about.

    Since it's Freeware, you can find it in a lot of places, but you can download the Deluxe Package (with tons of cool stuff and the English patch included) here:
    =-Cave Story-= Doukutsu Monogatari, A Tribute Site - Main

    Hope you'll have as much fun as I did. :3

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    I played that game once. Never really got past the Sand Zone, if I'm right.
    Saw a full playthrough of the game before I tried to find it, though. XD;;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neonite View Post
    Never really got past the Sand Zone, if I'm right.
    How come?

    Personally, I think the Sand Zone is the most annoying part of the game.
    As soon as you get to the Core, it gets much more exciting.

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