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Thread: ADISC Book Circle!

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    Default ADISC Book Circle!

    Well, here's an idea for all you readers out there!

    There is something specifically endearing about being able to not only read a good book, but then discuss it with friends and comaptriots, to develop a little more insight.

    What would you guys think of starting a reader's thread, specifically organized so that everybody could choose a book and read it and discuss? It might be of assistance to some of you guys still in school, and it might just be fun and thought-expanding for those who just want to read and discuss!

    I imagine the idea of starting it slow. Everybody who decides to be a part chooses a book they would like to read, and then a list is compiled and posted here so that way we can pick an order in which to read them. We can decide on how long before it should be done (and I'm talking like, three weeks or a month per book, because I know everybody is busy).

    It might expand our literary interests! What do you guys say? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated, too!

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    I support this idea, but I hope that enough people will participate .-.

    And I haven't read A LOT of English books...

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    Honestly, even if they're non-English books, scoring translation-versions of them will also broaden everybody's horizons! I'm hoping people participate too -- it might be fun!

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    Such a wonderful book! I would love to read it again! If you want to take part, Fallen, then I think that's a good one to throw on the consideration list! I think I'd like to add White Oleander on the list, as I've never read it and would be really interested in doing so!

    Anybody else up for offering up a suggestion? A few more and we can begin piecing together a thoughtful list!

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    How about Setting Free the Bears, by John Irving? My dad recommended the book to me, and my mom really likes John Irving, so I'd really like to check this one out.

    I'd really like to read Fahrenheit 451, too. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I haven't yet gotten to it.
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    I've never heard of that book, Woollyneck, so that sounds damned good to me! I think that sounds like a great addition.

    Ah, Brave New World! What a great book -- I definitely think that's a book that everybody should read in their lifetime. Huxley was such a strange human being, but that story had so much to say!

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    How about The Ugly Little Boy by Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg? It's an excellent read, and expands exponentially on the original short story by Asimov (for anyone who's read the short story but not the novel).

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    Personally, I've never read either, so that sounds like it would be a great option too! It's so interesting to see what everybody's reading interests are!

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