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    Hey I'm re introducing myself, started my account awhile ago but havent been on, I'm not really an blog type person but here it goes anyway, I'm a guy who likes movies, I'm an artist I paint, sketch draw all kinds of stuff, I like biking, being outdoors I love camping since I'm getting older I don't go out and party much anymore, me and my girlfriend are happy with out lives I have 2 huskies and work as a cook at a restuarant

    I am a diaper lover and have been that way since I can remember, I don't like being treated I just love wearing my diapers, its not my life just something I do on the side, a good stress reliever and such.

    Ok lets see I work full time as a cook, I am a regular family man without kids, my girlfriend and I have 2 dogs which is enough for us right now, in my spare time I like gaming I am a huge gamer, besides the stuff above the art and movies, I enjoy listening to music and such and taking it easy and enjoying life really, things are good.

    I came here, for information to meet or see more people like me, I have grown up thinking that I was a freak and was treated like a freak by my mother and younger brother, since getting the internet and being able to have free reign to do, look and surf where I want I have become more at piece with my fetish and more at piece with myself. I have recently told my girl friend about my fetish, kind of important since we are living together, part of the reason for signing up here is to help get information from others and to share information back to help each other out, lets face it there are situations in life that in one way or another we have been through and it's nice to have a helping hand, to help figure and guide you through things.

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    Reintroductions for the win! Welcome back.

    A) What kind of movies? (Total comedy junkie, personally)

    B) What sort of cook? (I draw the line at pop-tarts)

    C) DOGS! What breed? (I have a pit bull/akita)

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    Well lets see Lord of the Rings for sure is my all time favourite, Im a line cook so alittle of everything and I have 2 huskies

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