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Thread: Sound off fitness freaks!

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    Default Sound off fitness freaks!

    Just a discussion for everyone on the long road to elite fitness.

    Strength is power and power is great.

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    I can't see this thread becoming too big, being that it's a thread about elite fitness.. on the internet, that requires computers, on a website for people that enjoy spending time acting like babies and toddlers.

    People into elite fitness don't use computers too often, and then spend any amount of time wallowing around on their bedroom floor with a pacifier in their maw.

    Then again, your handle DOES contain "comedy", so maybe this is just for the lulz. Best of luck though in either case!

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    Realistically yes. But on the otherhand, the funny thing is I got a six pack coming in and besides from 2 hours a day of excercise I'm a lazy mofo

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    I'm in the middle of training for my first half Marathon in may then hopefully next year in Brazil. I'm also happy that I have started losing weight, not my goal but its awesome regaurdless. I started at 210lbs now I'm at 195lbs its been like a month or two.

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    I'm quite into sports...

    - I run the track (road / offroad) twice or thrice a week
    - Weightlifting
    - General Fitness (I do daily workouts of at least 30minutes...)
    - Bits of mountaineering and climbing
    - Martial Arts

    I'm not into competitions though - never have been, probably never will be - simply not my thing.
    My sportive activities are for my own good enjoyment

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    That's great news to the dude who went from 210 to 195

    I started last year at 228 to now at 183. I'm fit now and it's a great feeling.

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    Like I just said in another topic, I've made some massive lifestyle changes. I'm actually training for my first triathlon. Very excited, and although I have a lot of work ahead of me, its not until later this year.

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    I can do Airborne pushups, pullups, and run miles now.

    Just want to say to everyone putting off working out just do it now. You won't regret it.

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    I work at McDonalds (I eat a lot of McD's...) and winter just finished up, so yesterday I went out on my bike for the first time this season. And I was appalled at how "out of shape" I had gotten! I didn't get much heavier over the winter months, but I definitely lost a lot of strength and endurance. No matter what physical activity you enjoy, get out there and do it! Even if it's just walking, swimming, hiking, etc! It will pay off big time for you.

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    Sorry to hear you became a victim of the artery clogging machine lol

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