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Thread: Is there logic behind this decision?

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    Default Is there logic behind this decision?

    Hey everyone, this is really my first post apart from my intro thread and I'm sorry for that, because I really do want to be involved in your community but I never have the time to answer the threads on this forum, but I believe in the near future I will.

    Well anyway, I just really need to rant about a decision my parents recently made about me, and before I go any further this is not about diapers or anything TB/DL related and if this is the wrong spot to put this I apologize.

    And now I get to the core of my post: the decision my parents made about me.

    I am a straight A student that has never had that much trouble maintaining my grades because I study regularly and I think very logically. I play video games in my spare time which is about 2-3 hours a day but only a fraction of that time is put into video games because my brother (2 years older) is an arrogant person and finds no need to share. Well recently my parents came up with a great idea: penalize me for when I'm playing xbox by making me do exercise for that same amount of time.

    Now I understand the logic behind why they would set this rule (to keep me in shape) but video games is not the only thing I do. I also play sports and play outside with friends regularly, so my shape has never been a problem. What I don't think they see is that they are simply taking up more time of my day to work and less time to do what I love. Not to mention the fact that I have a very hard semester right now because my teachers think that they must give us a project every 2-3 days, so I need to take quite a bit of time out of my spare time to do that so I'm left with about 40 minutes of free time where I can do whatever I want, which is usually play xbox.

    It's late, I'm tired and still have to finish 2 projects that are due tomorrow so this is kind of rushed and I probably missed quite a bit of information, but I really just needed a place to rant and, if you would please, reply to this thread saying your opinion because it is very possible that my logic is faulty and you may be able to enlighten me to new reasons why my parents established that rule.

    Anyway, I hope I'll start posting more regularly and that you give my thread a quick peak and leave your opinion on the situation.

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    edit: Reworded

    I think that you should sit down with your parents and calmly discuss the situation. Make it clear to them that you are in shape and that you are a good student. Explain that you play video games in order to relax and get rid of stress caused by school and life in general. As a teenager you have a lot of hormones pulsing through your body and it is pretty easy to get stressed out. I imagine that your relationship with your brother is stressful enough and that you don't need to be on your parents bad side.

    I would be willing to be that if this new restriction does go into effect your mood will be seriously affected for the worse. Neither you nor your parents should want that, and it should be relatively easy to repeal this new restriction if you sit down and calmly talk about it.

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    I strongly agree with kwis. Discuss it with your parents in private, calmly. Do not insult them or disrespect them, just tell them how active you already are and how this new restriction is unnecessary. After all, if you are already perfectly in shape, there should be no reason for them to try to make you more in shape. In other words, if it's not broken, don't fix it.

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    ^ What they said.

    Civil discussion was never my forte though, it just wasn't our way. My family would communicate all concerns and ideas through screaming and yelling, with a generous dollop of plate smashing interspersed. Ten minutes later, we'd all kiss and make up, with the problem resolved, or at least having made real progress.

    By all means though, keep it civil, it'd probably work out just as well but without the broken dinnerware. If you do have to resort to some good 'ol fashioned rebellious disobedience, I don't think Karma will hold it against you.

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    I agree with everything the other people have said in this thread.

    However, I also am painfully aware that there are many parents out there who are woefully unwilling to negotiate with their offspring under any circumstances, and can turn ridiculously hostile at the slightest suggestion of such a scenario. If your parents fall under that territory, your best route would be to find another outlet for your spare time until you graduate high school and are able to find a place of your own. I'm hoping your parents are more reasonable than that, though.

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    Make a friend that has an xbox and play over there. Gotta have some free time, right?

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    Parents - are such a paradox! They were teenagers too and often base their decisions on their own experiences. Sometimes the follow the same wise sage of their own parents and other times preferring not to fall into the the same pitfalls as their parents utilizing different techniques. We sometimes can learn by viewing how they interact with grandparents?

    Anyway it's not getting at what you are asking about, our advice.

    So far people are offering excellent suggestions i.e. - Open discussions with your parents, going along with what discipline they give you, but bide your time until you have your own freedom, finding an alternative outlet by going somewhere else to get your "fix" of playing video games.

    Other possibilities not discussed: Conversation with your brother about what is going on and finding a compromise with him about play time, I'm surprised he doesn't have his own issues of meeting the grade - not only from your parents but also with his schooling (does he get good grades like yourself or not?), Sounds like there needs to be some discussion with your teachers about the amount of pressure they are each contributing to your stress, maybe they need to communicate with each other to avoid such stress.

    I sense you are intelligent enough to consider other pros and cons to your situation and encourage you to think it out for yourself. So far you've done an admirable job at finding how to balance it out at present. Stick in there as this to shall pass!

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    Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback, and sorry I didn't post this in the right place, didn't really know where it should go.

    But anyway, I think I'm just gonna have a conversation with my parents about this and state my ideas because they are very friendly and understanding, I just don't think they made a good decision here.

    And btw, my brother is really a selfish person, and I'm not just saying that because I'm made at him. My parents and pretty much everyone of my friends that know him thinks that he's rude and thinks only of himself.

    Anyway, thanks again!

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    well, welcome and feel free to rant (it's what most of us do).
    and while i don't know the ins and outs of your situation, from your post i gathered (possibly from a parental point of view),

    Quote Originally Posted by Giosia View Post
    I play video games in my spare time which is about 2-3 hours a day.......It's late, I'm tired and still have to finish 2 projects that are due tomorrow
    do i need to say more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    well, welcome and feel free to rant (it's what most of us do).
    and while i don't know the ins and outs of your situation, from your post i gathered (possibly from a parental point of view),


    do i need to say more?
    haha, nice catch, but I got the projects that day and that was after they enforced this rule so I only had like 30 minutes of free time cause I also contributed some time to my projects.

    Still, nice catch xD

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