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Thread: How to reduce hip size?

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    Default How to reduce hip size?

    How much weight would I need to lose to 4 inches off my waist and hips? Is there anything else I could do that would help?
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    damn i was going to say something along the lines of "loose weight?" when i saw the title but you answered it your self :P. Seriously though, enougha that, dont go all eating disorder cuz u wanna fit into pampers :3. Personally im jus always been little and thats just me but you sound perfectly fine n you shouldnt go off the deepend. 5'3 with 26" waist is HEALTHY. Im sure i speak for everyone here when i say that "being healthy" is one of the primary concerns, goals, and things this forum promotes so like.. take care of your self :3

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    There's only so much you can take off your hips. At a medium to low weight, your hip circumference is mostly determined by your bones. I doubt you could take off 4 inches.
    Are you asking this because you want to fit into pampers? You could always just mod them to fit you.

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    Yeah, even though I'm losing weight, I'd probably only be able to lose about another possible two inches from my hips. Otherwise the bones would be protruding and that just looks icky!

    I'm going to say that you should talk to a doctor and ask if it's OK for you to diet and if they'll help you come up with something that's actually achievable.

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