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    Hello everyone,

    I am inquiring about some input on cognitive enhancers with such products like Focus Fast and Fast Focus sold in vitamin stores like GNC. Has anyone here ever taken these supplements? I have been told by numerous clerks and users that there are "No Side effects", but I am skeptical about that. Has anyone that has used these here noticed any side effects? And overall, is this product worth my time and money?

    For those of you that don't exactly know what I am talking about, these are basically pill supplements that when taken increase your short term memory, increase alertness, allow you to be extremely focused on a task at hand, etc. Basically it is like over the counter Adderal or Riddlin.

    I have spoken to my doctor about taking these and she said that they are alright for me to take and harmless. Unless I have high blood pressure or other heart related illnesses, which I don't.

    So, any input on this topic is greatly appreciated, unless you are going to bring up an issue of the morality in using something like this, if that is the case please don't bring it up b/c I am not so much concerned about the morality of using these, but rather the results that people have had. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    "No Side effects"
    Wrong, there are no known side effects on healthy adults as they haven't been around long enough for long term damage to be assessed. They are also not recommended for students under the age of 21 as your brain is still forming connections and as such they could damage the brain in some way; although I'm not sure on the specific details to that.

    We've looked at these on my course recently and most people agreed that they shouldn't be used as they are giving you an unfair advantage over others but seeing as you don't care about that I'll skip it and talk about the science here. There are several substances out there that give the same effect, caffeine is one, there are similar compounds in green tea, nicotine works and hell even exercise does. There are plenty of alternatives to cognitive enhancers that are safe and possible to get over the counter like B Vitamins and Omega 3 tablets. I would avoid them as no one really knows about the long term effects, particularly if you're thinking about taking them regularly for several years.

    It may also help if you tell us why you want them. Are you finding college really tough or feel you don't have enough time to study?

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    I am glad you skipped the "Right or Wrong part" haha. I have time to study and get all of my work done, however I would like to do more in a day and finish a task at hand quicker and with better accuracy.

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    Y'know, the best way to manage getting more done in a day is to keep doing it until eventually your skills are honed and you become faster more naturally.

    Those cognitive enhancers scare the fuck out of me.

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