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Thread: Are companies aware of who they're selling to?

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    Default Are companies aware of who they're selling to?

    So I was browsing XP Medical and a thought occurred. XPMedical is one of the top recommended places to buy adult diapers it seems. Do you think they know who a chunk of their customers are? They're a pretty huge company so I'm sure they've got an idea from URL referrals and market studies, but do you think they even realize how many of their customers are from our fetish group?

    Companies like Bambino obviously know since we're the only consumers of their products and they're marketed to us. But how many diaper sellers do you think realize how many of their customers are DLs?

    Personally I think some companies have some clues, but really don't know. Like Gerber. They made the NUK5. I kinda wonder how many institutions use it compared to AB's wanting a giant pacifier.

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    Ive thought about this as well. I buy from XP Medical and have wondered if Gary(think thats his name) knows about us. Im sure he does but the biggest question is, what is his thoughts on us? Does he support the community or think other wise about us. It would be nice to know Im giving my money to a supporter. They would be kinda crazy if they didnt back us though. Or at least pretend. Maybe somebody can enlighten us on the subject.

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    I can not believe for one moment that they don't, i would have thought that given the economic climate they would only be to happy to sell to anyone that wants to buy them for whatever reason, as others have said it would be interesting to know.

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    I believe in todays internet world most manufacturers, suppliers, stores who are specialised on adult diapers are very much aware of AB/DLs, Med-Play Enthusiats and other "non-medical" groups of people who buy their products.

    Simple as that from any businesses point of view: the more customers the merrier

    Whilst I believe most are aware I also think they don't specifically care about "us".

    Look at it from a business perspective: (the figures given are just "probable estimates")
    95% of the customers are medical facilities, nursery homes, people with medical needs.
    5% maybe are the rest (us)...
    Whilst those 5% are still enough it is not sufficient to cater to us specifically - with a few exceptions... Most plastic pant manufacturers for example have a lot more "non-med" products in their lineup than they used to 20 years ago.
    But the majority of the industry does not cater specifically to the non-medical sector and also does not strictly want to be associated with "us" - it could scare the other 95% off if they think they buy a pervy-product... (I don't consider most ABDL Stuff perv. but honestly a majority out there would - same way they look at serious S&M, Kink stuff in general)... and most "professional" manufacturers don't want / need that association - it wouldn't help their main-sales strategy.

    The one sector where I believe they "listen" to us is when you consider that in professional medical care sectors a diaper, thinner, more absorbent, less obtrusive, less visible, ... is what the PATIENT would want (most people don't want to be known for wearing diapers)... Also skin problems and stuff are more of an issue... so the majority of the manufacturers changes their product line to try to meet those requirements (some fail miserably as we all know)...
    So all those "cotton-like" diapers, with breathable side-panels and stuff... they are supposedly quite welcome in the medical professional field...
    but not with most of us - most ABDL want the plastic backed, thick and seriously absorbent diaper... not that "cloth-like" stuff.
    and I guess "we" are one of the reasons why most of the major brands still keep selling those "traditional" plastic backed diapers easily.
    Sure not the only reason, but I guess part of it.

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    Well, B4NS is most definitively ABDL aware since they sell Bambinos and Cushies - despite presenting itself as a vanila website ^^

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    That's a good question Grizzly. I've often wondered if people some of the bigger stores clue on to us. Especially when people like me will go in sometimes and buy in person. It'd have to be fairly obvious to them surely? I gave up lame excuses many years ago after guessing that they probably know anyway.

    I'd really love to know what percentage of adult diaper users we make up. I'd guess more than 5% and growing, but there's no way of knowing really.

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    From knowing people who work in the marketing field, trust me they know we are their customers. Big companies pay a lot of money in order to know who their costumers are so that they can change their product to make us buy more. Now, at the same time you need to realize that we are dealing with a medical based company and therefor their biggest clients are going to be the medical community, so they we worry more for them then anyone else. To them we are small money, money that helps, but if lost would be ok, which is why you don't see as many adult diaper companies changing their products in order to make us happy.

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    There are a lot of companies out there that do know about the AB/DL community and are more than happy to support it. For them, it is a matter of extra sales that they otherwise might not get. Additionally, I think they could care less that the person buying their product might not need it--after all, do you think Coca-Cola truly gives a damn if the person buying their sugary soda is obese and diabetic? They do make a diet version, but in the end all they really want is $$ in their pocket.

    That said, it is easy to see that there are many companies out there serving both the incontinent community and the AB/DL crowd. Bottom Half Group (Bambino Diapers) is also a manufacturer of regular adult diapers (I have no issues wearing Bambino Classico's myself, they're a great diaper!). Kins up in Canada will put AB artwork on their waterproof pants. Gary's plastic pants are heavily geared toward the AB community. Lots of companies know we exist or that those who deal with incontinence (like myself) will use AB as a stress outlet to deal with the daily need for living in diapers. Openly trying to shun the community would cost them.

    As said before, they more than likely know about this section of the populace, and, while not necessarily openly supporting it, they aren't stupid enough to openly avoid the sales. Hell, if I remember hearing right, there are many manufacturers of lingerie that know a large amount of their product is worn by men.

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    I believe that many of them are AB aware. Some brands are with open arms such as Bambinos, while other brands don't want to hurt their image too much such as Pampers, in which I don't blame them. Of course, the medical/incontinence brands such as Tena is doing it's job, but probably see's AB's as an added bonus.
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