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Thread: What's your favorite drink to make you wet?

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    Question What's your favorite drink to make you wet?

    We all have favorite drinks that make us go: coffee, soda, milk and especially beer.

    Do you guys drink anything more out of the standard choices? Myself, I like to grab a Sonic's Slushie from time to time but it's much too cold to do that.

    What's some of your favorite drinks?

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    my fav drink is Sweet Tea followed by Crystal Light

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    Water and Pepsi.

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    My first choice is a good craft beer, especially things with "Imperial" in the name (Imperial Stout), and Double IPAs.

    From there, coffee is awesome! Faygo pop is made of pure concentrated awesome! I'll also drink water quite a bit, as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pldc View Post
    Tea, Beer and Pepsi. Yummy.
    Right with ya on the Pepsi, brother.

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    I don't know, swimming in Pepsi would be pretty gross. I'll take lightly-chlorinated water if you please!

    And not from Arizona's tap, I mean anti-algae levels!

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    If I can't afford to buy anything special then I like to walk to my nearest fast food store (Wendys in my case) and order a meal with a large drink and I'll chug that there, drink a refill and try to finish that, then refill it again and walk out with it. It varies on what I get usually the lemonade juice or punch works well but sometimes I'll go for tea, rarely cokes. When I have some more to spend I like to stock up on gatorades and energy drinks or milk in the original, chocolate and strawberry varieties.

    Drinking cokes, energy drinks and tea from a baby cup is awesome

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