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Thread: whats the best diaper

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    Default whats the best diaper

    were can I find them

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    hmm well your asking two questions?
    do you want to know the best or where to find?

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    whats the best brand

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    well what are you looking for,cute?
    and how much do you wet?

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    In the future could you please put more effort into writing a thread before you post it. Also, you should swing by the introduction forum so we can get to know you.

    Browsing the forum or using the search function would suggest that this forum considers

    Dry 24/7
    and a few others among the best diapers is a site I have good experience getting diapers from.

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    There are dozens of brand and a champion for every one for various reasons. My favorite currently available is Abena M-4s, comfortable, very absorbent and relatively reasonably priced I buy them from XP medical as they are desecrate and trustworthy.

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    i am looking for ones that have the most hold

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    Cloth. Usually overlooked in these parts; but will hold more weight than any other way.

    That said it entirely depends what you are really looking for; babyish? a particular cut? shear absorbancy by weight? Cost effectiveness? Night time or day? do you wear doubled or tripled?

    If this is a fetish thing then aspects like the look, feel, smell and sound will determine "best." Perhaps you want to imagine yourself a certain age; in which case the ones aimed at older kids (or the ones designed to be like them) will make you happy.

    If there was a single "best" the answer would be simple, this forum would have 6 threads total and wordy raccoons would be out of a job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl4 View Post
    i am looking for ones that have the most hold
    Dry 24/7's are usually at the top of that list for disposables

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    Yes Dry 24/7s hold the most of the very many I've tried. They cost the most too.

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