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Thread: Diapers out of any materials.

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    Default Diapers out of any materials.

    If you could construct an absorbant diaper out of any material, what such material would it be, and why?

    I'd like to make an air diaper, just for the coolness of it; or one made out of feathers because of softness :P

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    I feel like feathers would be itchy!

    I think one made out of that foam used in things like Temperpedic mattresses would be incredibly comfy and mold to your body though =D

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    If I didn't have to pay production costs, probably pure emerald. Or a bunch of emeralds cut in the most difficult way imaginable, strung together. If not, then I'd take a large chunk out of one of those tempur-pedic beds and try to fashion something with it!

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    are these functional diapers or just ones for the sensual experience? cos, i've made the latter out of wood, synthetic fur, paper and stuff i forget.
    not done a digital diaper, though.....hmm. no, not a virtual diaper, but one made from hardware of the digital age. that'd be interesting - especially if you plugged it in

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    One made out of shampoo. That would be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPampers View Post
    One made out of shampoo. That would be interesting.
    Mmmm a forgotten memory from when I was maybe 6. Was taking a long shower and noticed a large pile of foam from the soap built up in the back. got a hand towel and sat down in the foam and sort of diapered myself with the towel, with the foam puffing out the towel and it looked like a diaper. Liked that quite a lot. God that's been ages.

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    A diaper that after being wet, the material would regenerate several times (hold 2-4 wettings) so that you would not be wet, the diaper would be thicker, and within a few minutes you would feel like you had just had a diaper change without ever taking it off. oh, and no rashes!

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    How awesome. The things we do when we were kids

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