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Thread: Tendercare v Lil Supreme Fit

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    Hi everyone,

    Due to rising costs of delivery I'm unable to use Tena Slip as an economically feasible nappy (i.e. I'm stony broke!) and I've found two other types of nappy:

    Tendercare Night: Incontinence Products UK - Night Time Incontinence Products - Night Time All In One (Medium) Multipack
    Lil Supreme Fit: Buy Lil Fit Suprem Breathable Medium Extra Plus online now from Dorset Nursing the specialist medical supply company

    The question is, which one should I go for ? Both are cheap. However the Lil isn't made out of plastic which is a drawback but nothing too major (I could live with a paper-backed nappy if I had to). I need something pretty absorbent so I don't need to change all the time, relatively discrete so I can sneak around padded and has to be relatively comfortable.

    What I'm having a hard time deciding between is the Lil or the Tendercare. I did search the site for reviews etc but both are pretty good What is the general consenus: Lil or Tendercare?


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    I know Lillie have standing leak guards which is always a plus for me. Never tried Tender Care but standing leak guards are usually mentioned in the features if they are there.

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    Cool, thanks for pointing that out! It could be a bit problematic without leak-guards and might cause the thing I'm trying to prevent if I move at the wrong moment lol

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    Tendercare are awful....yet another Plastic bag with some cotton wool stuffed inside, stay well away! LilFit are cheap and generally quite good

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    Quote Originally Posted by WelshDragon View Post
    yet another Plastic bag with some cotton wool stuffed inside, stay well away!
    *Sprays Ribena from nose*

    That has to be one of the funniest descriptions of a nappy I've ever heard! That's made my day lol.

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    i used to use both these brands (the tender-care supplier, Tanners, is not far from where i live) but neither are worth the money, nowadays. although, don't quote me for the tenders as i've not bought any for ages (still got a part-pack in my wardrobe).
    i'd say that the 56 for 63 tena-slips, from tena-direct, is well worth the price (i'd rather spend the extra 20-odd quid and be satisfied).

    an alternative budget option is, Indasslip Super2 Medium Incontinence Diaper
    they're worth trying for the smell alone. one of my favourites, though not the most absorbant (even in the 'maxi' mediums guise, if you can get them). you may also get away with fitting in the large size (which do come in 'maxi') as they're a small fitting brand.
    B&M also do the Libero Night Comfort.

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