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    Default DinoDirect???

    Has anyone purchased from this website/distributor? They seem to sell an amazing assortment of disposable & reusable diapers from overseas. Looks promising!


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    There are a lot of negative reviews for them. Most center around them either taking months to ship items out or never shipping them.

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    I've ordered from them a couple of times but never diapers. I bought some if those magnetic buckey balls for really cheap. I believe they save money by shipping direct. I never had any problems though.

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    Personally, I have read some of the negative reviews of dinodirect, yet ordered from there anyway, and found no problem!

    The shipping time is very much variable thought, that is correct. I once ordered an item, and it took about a month to arrive, another item I ordered showed up in about a week.

    Given, I have ordered mostly electronics parts and laser diodes, but I dont see why there would be a problem with everything else! In fact, I have never even noticed that they had an incontinence-aids page! I might need to add a few items to my next shipment!

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    My concern is: do they fill out a customs form and place it on the front of the package that says what is inside? Thats all I need is my landlady handing me a package with the words "DIAPERS" written across it lol...

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    The prices are terrible - not a single brief under $1.60 when the quantity is listed. Some of them don't even have quantity listed, so presumably one must go to the trouble of e-mailing them to ask how many are in the pack..

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    well if you do some searching and looking at the pictures of the packages you can see how many's in a pack

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    Unless you really want a cloth belted undergarment they have the same cloth stuff at for way less. And I doubt the disposables are worth the price, shipping bulky things like diapers is expensive.

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