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Thread: Y2K and ice storms this questions gotten me stumped.

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    Default Y2K and ice storms this questions gotten me stumped.

    heres the long and short of this refers to a
    'bible answers' section of where it essentially trys to give advice on a wie variety of topics from pokemon games to end time warnings, its in the latter that something caught my eye,

    Now the question arises, "What about all those preparations that took our time, energy and money?" Were they in vain? I don't think the people living in the Southeastern part of the USA thought so. Right after the first of the year, one of the worst ice storms to hit the South occurred, resulting in broken electric lines that took weeks to repair in some areas. If those people prepared for the Y2K disaster they had an alternate source of light, heat, and food reserves until things were restored to normal. Although their preparations were not used for Y2K, this disaster was faced more comfortably because they had made emergency preparations.
    now, i did a quick skimming search for records, like looking up a list of major ice storms in he USA, no mention was made towards this ice storm at that time.

    so i thought, , maybe it was of a scale not big enough to be mentioned in such broad records. thats where you guys come in.

    any of you particularly those, and there are a few, living in florida and other southeastern states would, if this storm occured, and these guys arnt lying through their teeth,

    just getting the message out there if you heardof any sort of storm events happening around that time in that area. or any area of the usa for that matter.

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    Weelll... There seem to be indicators of a significant ice storm passing through Georgia on 22-24 January 2000, and I guess from the context of the article that that is what they were referring to.

    Google for ice storm 2000 and you ought to find a fair number of similar articles.


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    We had a pretty bad one back in 98, heck we still talk about it even today, it shut down everything and did a ton of damage, and this is coming from a region of the country that know's how to deal with snow and winter. NOAA's National Weather Service - Burlington, VT - 10th Anniversary of the 1998 Ice Storm

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    I nearly laughed aloud while reading that. So, preparations for once disaster can occasionally, by chance, be useful in mitigating another? Sure, but that's certainly not a legitimate reason to prepare for a disaster with no evidence that it'll happen, if that's what they're trying to get at.

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    i was just curious if the article was telling the truth about the ice storm since my searching didnt get any results, i suspected that the article may be BLATENTLY making stuff up to support itself.

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    Well, Truth be told, there were issues with y2k that were real, and, generally, the important ones were dealt with ahead of time.. about the worst were a few computer glitches in windows 95 and some really ancient COBOL stuff still floating around. as far as the ENTIRE electrical grid going down?? I heard that one on the news and laughed my ass off... doing prep for an emergency is an important thing.. we get LOTS of power and gas outages here, fortunately none of them too long.
    I am currently living off the grid (solar power, propane) with a months' supply of food, only exception is water, and I have a hundred gallons of reserve in my spare tank. I could stretch that a month if I have to.. my biggest worry is what will my neighbors do? I could probably run an extension cord out to run their furnace and a bit of light for 1 or 2, but thats about it

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