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Thread: Minecraft Utility package V1!

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    Default Minecraft Utility package V1!

    I am happy to announce, my release of the minecraft utility pack V1! I have the download link HereAnd it comprises of several programs, a new HD textrue pack, an Item inventory editor, item data list, and a few inspirational places.

    It includes
    Mixcraft- A 32 bit texture pack. Makes the game look more awesome.
    Invedit- allows you to hack in some TNT or stone, or diamond tools
    Blue Husky's Item Database- Gives you the Item ID, and suggested trade value.
    Automated freight depot (not by me) It is a great inspiration to figure out how to use boosters, minecarts, and other great things.
    Combo lock door (By Me) It shows redstone use in action, with a lever operated door.
    Tetris Note blocks (not by me) Plays the tetris theme when activated.
    Tetris (not by me) Also, note blocks that play the tetris theme when activated.
    MC redstone Simulator, Allows you to create redstone circuitry and test it, wwithout going into the game.
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    I've been waiting for this kind of release were alot of stuff is included I'm going to download it as soon as I get to my computer.

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    Hmm, so this is your custom pack?
    Mind listing exactly what is in it here?

    Sounds neat to download, buuuuuuut I just wanna know whats in it =3

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    Ahh, thanks for that edit man =3
    Sense the only thing that really interests me is that MC redstone simm. thing I think I'll skip the download this time.
    Thanks for putting it up tho ;p

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    I'd download it, but simply isn't anything in there I need. Also I hate hacking for items, or using MCedit to import in buildings. (unless your buliding a decent looking minecart rail system linking between places/bases.)

    The purpose of minecraft seems to be.

    1. Mine for stone, clay, wood, etc. While doing such activity think of what you'd like to bulid.
    2. Build your stuff by hand, legitly and you will feel more accomplished.
    3. if you get bored of either explore a new area (sometimes world) and/or cave.

    not hack for any blocks you want.. in fact if you want to do that it's free in creative mode.

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    I hack stuff in for my redstone stuff mainly, because redstone is very hard to find, and I want to be making something, not mining for miniscule amounts of redstone, but being able to make my project. I don't hack anything else in, unless I am extremely bored and want to blow some shit up. And FYI, I know creative is free, i started out playing that.

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