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Thread: Diapers always leaking out the back

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    Default Diapers always leaking out the back

    Can't figure out why I frequently get leaks out the back thigh area when wearing and peeing sitting down. Usually when i'm wearing depends which i expect but frequently even when i'm wearing abena or molicare. Part of the problem is that i have no ass, nothing but bone covered with skin

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    have you ever tried to doudle the diaper sometimes that works for no ass sorry to say that

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    This is usually a point of failure in most diapers. Because the leak guards can't snug up to all the curves of our bodies. I'm not really sure there is anything that can be done for it.

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    have you tried the depends with the suspenders?? they seem like fun

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    Are you flooding your diapers?

    I don't flood my diapers but have had this problem. I will wear a terrycloth-lined plastic pant over my diapers, nearly always, especially if I expect to be wearing the same diaper for a while. While leaks are rare I like the peace of mind. I get these pants from Kins/Babykins, up in Vancouver, Canada. I prefer the coated polyester over the "pure" vinyl as they last much longer, they're stronger. I have never, ever leaked beyond the lined plastic pant.

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    If you mean leaking in the rear just under your butt cheeks left and right, that's common for when sitting. The padding in the back of the diaper isn't very useful when sitting because of gravity, and that spot in the front and in the back is where the least tension is on the cuff and leak guards due to the curve of your body.

    I don't think flooding has anything to do with it personally. It's just a matter of (1) making sure the lower tapes are on right and (2) knowing when you've reached capacity. If the entire front padding is soaked, you've hit capacity. Any more is going to flow down to the crotch, pool, and leak out the back sides of the cuffs when you move. Tends to leak for me when I stand up.

    Check out this pic in my gallery: Picture 1 of 2 from misc

    Read the information below the picture, I won't bore everyone repeating it here. This has taken care of maybe 85% of my leaks when sitting down.

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    Perhaps you could try this:

    Has anyone else used plastic wrap & ducttape or filament tape to seal in their diaper?

    I love the feeling of helplessness..

    You can use a 12" wide roll, but i prefer the control of a 6 inch wide roll

    The plastic wrap is used mostly to seal the waist and legs against leaks, as well as making it harder to get at the diaper. so at the legs and waist, wrap fairly tight, but around the bulk of the diaper- don't wrap as tightly- willyrides is correct- if you compress the diaper padding to much you reduce the sorbant's ability to expand.

    The cling film I prefer for this is a crystal clear plastic about 6" wide, makes it much easier to wrap and control. You could cut a roll of 12' in half, but you have to be careful not to heat the plastic when you cut the roll or it will be stuck together at the cut end..

    Wrap so you have an extra 4-6 inches of several layers of plastic out from the legs and waist, and follow up with your choice of tape. After a little experimentation you'll be able to secure your diaper so that you cannot remove it without scissors.

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    If you r wearing GN's for need, they just do it on their own. Wear a pair of plastic pants over them. that helps a lot.

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    A) Depends leak notoriously.

    B) You might not be taping the bottom tapes tightly enough.

    C) As mentioned above, you could be pushing the absorbancy limit.

    Call me a newbie, but I prefer laying down to sitting down for just that reason. When you're laying down, gravity works to your advantage and you can use some of the rear padding.

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