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    hi i have a cup and just can not stop love diaper and I'm 24 years old and lives alone and is on many networks to find good pictures and something to read and more is there to say about me

    I am 24 years old and loves diaper and I'm a guy from Denmark and more is there to say
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    Hello, and welcome to the site! hopefully not too much of this will be lost in translation (sadly don't speak danish at all, and horrible german :/), but outside of being DL, what are some of your other hobbies and interests (not related to DL or AB/TB)?

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    thanks and it does not matter because I use google to translate and but my hobbies .. are not so many to say .. my interests are more like computer and find pictures of Aime Diaper and reading and also want to write something into the side here ... but am not good with words, not out help

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    You said you speak horrible German. I happen to be horribly learning German! Care to chat, and type horrible German at each other? Wie sage ich Diaper in Deutsch?

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    Windeln (spelling?). I remember little of the vocab though, know somewhat decent sentence structure and how to conjugate and thats about all I remember now xD.

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