View Poll Results: What AB items do you own?

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  • Pacifier

    92 86.79%
  • Bottle/ sippy cup

    68 64.15%
  • Footed sleeper

    50 47.17%
  • Babyprint footed sleeper

    29 27.36%
  • Overalls/ shortalls

    21 19.81%
  • Babyprint overalls/ shortalls

    13 12.26%
  • Onesie

    45 42.45%
  • Babyprint onesie

    19 17.92%
  • Baby-style dress/skirt

    12 11.32%
  • Babyprint T-shirt/ sweater/ hoodie etc

    19 17.92%
  • Romper suit

    15 14.15%
  • Other babystyle clothing (bib, hat, shoes, etc)

    33 31.13%
  • Baby toys (Plushies, rattles, building blocks etc)

    61 57.55%
  • Teething rings

    13 12.26%
  • Baby books/ DVDs/ CDs etc

    29 27.36%
  • Picture books

    25 23.58%
  • Babyprint plastic pants/ diaper covers etc

    35 33.02%
  • Babyprint disposable diapers (eg: Bambino, Cuddlz)

    40 37.74%
  • Adult baby furniture (eg: crib, high chair)

    8 7.55%
  • Other items I completely overlooked

    26 24.53%
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Thread: The adult baby items you own

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    Default The adult baby items you own

    I seem to have developed a bit of an addiction to buying more baby and adult baby items - I was already collecting pacifiers like a mad woman, but I have realised that lately my collections of baby bottles, adult baby clothing and other baby items seem to be quickly growing in size.

    Anyway, I'm curious as to the sorts of items, outside of diapers, other adult babies own.

    I've made a poll because I was curious as to what are the more popular items (where I have listed the item twice (eg: 'footed pyjamas' and 'babyprint footed pyjamas') it was because I recognise that these items may be owned by non-ABs or be passable as adult wear, or might be very obviously adult baby clothing. I have assumed that baby prints/ baby style means anything that you probably wouldn't get away with wearing in public or around friends without turning a few heads or getting questioned asked. I haven't included regular adult diapers in the poll, only babyprint style ones, because I figured most people who could get hold of diapers would own regular diapers. I'm just interested in who owns specific baby items, rather than general diapers.

    I own as follows:
    250+ pacifiers
    11 baby bottles (and lots of spare teats)
    2 toddler sippy cups
    5 cotton sleepsuits
    7 fleece sleepsuits
    1 snowsuit
    4 onesies
    1 pair babyprint shortalls
    1 babyprint diaper cover
    2 baby hats
    1 bib
    Lots of stuffed animals
    Lots of children's videos and DVDs
    Lots of picture books and an audio book
    A few children's music CDs
    Plus lots of regular disposable diapers/pull-ups etc. But none which are specifically AB.
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    Heh, I only Own one Nuk5 sadly. I did have another paci, But I lost that years ago. I think it's in a coat pocket, That coat I have no idea where it's gone to since I have moved. I think it may of been binned with some of my other old clothes.

    But I do have a few fleece sleepsuits. But I would love to own a ski suit! as well as some more dungarees that I could wear outside, I got one with poppers in. I also have another fleece playsuit. Footed fleece trousers and jumper.

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    I have two pairs of footie pajamas, a pack of ABU Super Dry Kids (disposables), two adult cloth diapers, two Care Bear diaper covers, one pair of AIO training pants and a lot of stuffed animals, although my wife has a ton of them too so they mix well. I would love to eventually to get a pair of shortalls but my wife has been patient enough with me and that would probably be pushing it.

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    2 playtex 24mo+ paci's
    2 mam 6+ paci's
    2 mam paci leashes
    1 Avent bottle
    1 Amazing blankie from my cousin
    1 Teddy bear that I sleep with (only plushy from being *B/DL)

    20 Abena M3's
    2 Molicare Super plus
    1 Molicare Super
    15 Huggies 4T-5T pullups

    Quite a few story books from my childhood =D
    Matchbox cars and a playmat
    Some other toys in my closet at my house that have been lying around since I was a kid

    Not quite as extensive as some people but I still haven't been able to find footies to wear at my school =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjess View Post
    I own as follows:
    250+ pacifiers
    11 baby bottles
    2 toddler sippy cups
    5 cotton sleepsuits
    7 fleece sleepsuits
    1 snowsuit
    4 onesies
    1 pair babyprint shortalls
    1 babyprint diaper cover
    2 baby hats
    1 bib
    Lots of stuffed animals
    Lots of children's videos and DVDs
    Lots of picture books and an audio book
    A few children's music CDs
    Do you have like a warehouse to store all that stuff?

    various pacifiers
    ~7 baby bottles
    ~12 sleepers (don't ask me what material they are)
    4 cloth diapers
    ~5 pairs of plastic pants
    1 bib
    various plushies
    uncounted disposable adult diapers
    1 onesie

    I'm sure I've forgotten half the stuff I own, but I don't actually keep a list.

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    I've got four pacifiers, two Avent and two MAM. I customized the one orange Avent one with a sticker from My Little Pony...I realized that for some reason I gravitated to that one more than the other three and I wanted to spice it up a bit.

    I've got two rattles with teether grips that have a zebra and a giraffe. I love giraffes.

    I've got a couple of 'sipper' bottles that I use when I go to bed. (I get away with 'em because I say "If it falls out of bed it won't leak.")

    A bazillion stuffed animals.

    TOYS. Tons of 'em. A few recent purchases were a pink etch-a-sketch (my original red one wore out), a bunch of coloring books, a lite brite, a set of Tinkertoys, a pirate playset, a small wooden train set (YAY!) and a lap chalkboard/dry erase/magnet board and a Barbie doll/clothes/carrying case. Yeah, did I mention I love playing with toys?

    Two footed sleepers. One has stars and is passable as 'normal' adult clothing, but the other is borderline because it's covered with pictures of rubber ducks.

    I also have a bunch of cute t-shirts I picked up with Oscar the Grouch, Count Von Count (*squee*) and Mario on them.

    I forgot to mark it, but I have a bunch of kids books.

    I will be getting in the near future a Cloud B Gentle Giraffe and a Twilight Turtle.

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    Well, off the top of my head:

    • Two footed sleeper (fleece), one yellow and the other is lambskin-style with a hood and wolf ears <3
    • Three nukies, one Nuk 5 (w/ Nuk 3 shield) and two deprecated Nuk 3.
    • One oneesie and one babyish t-shirt, both of them as of now unused.
    • Four pairs of plastic pants, though one of them was sadly DOA >.<
    • 23 Bambinos clasicos.
    • One bottle.
    • A waterproof bedsheat that only comes off when someone borrows my bed (convenient since I'm still quite bad at padding myself up).

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    Let's see...

    • Three footed sleepers - one plain blue fleece, one blue bear-eared cuddle fleece All-In-One, one brown fox-eared fleece All-In-One.
    • Three pacifiers - one Nuk 5 and two Tommee Tippee 9-18 month breathable types
    • Three Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles
    • Generic Boots teething ring
    • Pair of Abena bodysuits
    • Various plushies
    • A couple of dozen Bambino Teddies
    • LeakMaster Deluxe plastic pants
    • Two Minki pocket nappies
    • LeakMaster All-In-One

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    hm, I have the following at college...

    8 pacifiers total:
    -2 latex NUK 3 (18 month+)
    -1 silicone NUK 3 (18 month+)
    -2 silicone MAM 6 month+
    -2 silicone Avent 6 month+
    -2 latex round Playtex 0-24 month+

    2 bottles and 1 sippy cup:
    -NUK 10 oz. bottle with fast flow silicone nipple (6 month+)
    -Gerber 10 oz. bottle with a Playtex fast flow silicone nipple
    -Munchkin 8 oz. sippy cup with a soft silicone nipple

    Several spare nipples:
    -1 Playtex fast flow silicone nipple
    -1 NUK fast flow silicone nipple
    -1 NUK medium flow silicone nipple (was originally on the NUK bottle)
    -1 Gerber latex medium flow nipple (was originally on the Gerber bottle)

    -11 girls L/XL Goodnites diapers
    -1 white L/XL generic brand bedwetting diaper
    -Various baby diapers for stuffers

    (I really need to get some decent diapers. :P)

    -1 XL sports-themed sleeper from Target
    -1 green blanket
    -2 stuffed animals: a frog and Snoopy

    At home, I have more stuffed animals plus a lot of toys from my childhood.

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    Nuk 5
    Plushies (forgot to tick)
    and a few picture books.

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