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Thread: Hey all,

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    Default Hey all,

    I'm new here, in case you couldn't tell, and I don't exactly know where I fit in.
    I go by Danni; please feel free to talk to me

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    hey, welcome to the site! from your profile, you say you like video games, what is(are) your favorite game(s)? and any genre in particular is your favorite?

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    I actually just kinda like all types of video games, except for sports.
    Currently my favorite is Dragon Age 2

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    Ahh, why not sports games? just not a sports fan overall or?

    Coolies, how is it so far? Did you play the first one at all?

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    I'm not a sports fan overall.
    And about DAII I've only played the demo so far, but it looks great and I like Bioware games so it's very promising.

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