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    Default Hello everybody

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    Welcome cooldl!
    That was a pretty good intro, but what are some of your other interests? Are you a gamer? Comic book reader?

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    Hi there Cooldl,

    It's great to see that your girlfriend accepted, and I'm sure that babyjess will be delighted to hear that her article (this is the one you referred to, right?) has helped your girlfriend understand you better

    You like video games, eh? Well (big announcement here ) when I change my avatar tomorrow you're in for a treat then
    What kind of games do you like, and do you have any favourite games/series? Same goes for movies and music really (I just don't care about those as much ^^), what kind of movies do you like and what are your favourites?

    You mention you have some college education, might I ask what field you where looking into before going to work in construction?

    I hope we can continue to provide you with support, and that you'll be able to share your experience. Nice to have you aboard, cooldl.


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    Cars eh? Any favs? I'm a fan of big old American luxury myself, and my boyfriend and I have a beautiful 1978 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe. It's the biggest non-limousine ever made by the Ford Motor Company, powered by 460 cubic inches of pollution-control-choked engine and rides like driving your living room couch down the freeway!


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