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Thread: Splatterhouse - I have my hands on the new one, and.......

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    Default Splatterhouse - I have my hands on the new one, and.......

    It's probably the single worst game I ever played on the 360.

    Horrible combat controls, loading screens that can last two minutes (and that is WITH the game installed on the hard drive), plenty of cheap deaths, repetitious battles with no variation on tactics used to beat them, bad metal soundtrack, annoying characters and pseudo-tough dialogue that will only appeal to 14yo boys. All wrapped up in one package.

    Good thing I didn't spend any cash to play it, I guess. Well, nothing outside of the GameFly membership fees.

    I'll still go for the full 1,000 on it, though. If only so I can say I am one of the few people who bothered to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaworuVsDrWily View Post
    I'll still go for the full 1,000 on it, though. If only so I can say I am one of the few people who bothered to do so.
    Well, if you have the game, you may as well.

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    Playing through it on "Coward" started off brutal, but the last two levels were insanely easy since I had unlocked some of the more powerful moves.

    Playing though it on "Brutal" after unlocking those skills is something a coward could do easily. I made it through a fair bit of that playthrough only dying a couple of times, and those cheap deaths were on the clunky platforming sections.

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    I do like how developers are aiming for replay value nowadays. Like in 'Dead Space 2' where you're given the option to start a new game with all of your equipment aquired in the previous playthrough from Easy all the way up to Zealot. Makes the other difficulties pie, but if feels good to walk around a god every once and awhile and lay waste to everything in your path, especially when you've earned it previously. It makes the money worthwhile and keeps games on the shelf at home.

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    Now I am stuck in one spot near the end of the game, that I was stuck on the first time around. It is where I am surrounded by enemies that do cheap and easy one-hit kills on my character. They did it on the easy difficulty setting, and now they are doing it again on the harder difficulty setting. It is not any more difficult than it was the first time around, it's just a pain in the ass going through that stage all over again.

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    I hate it when that happens, how they switch God Mode on measly grunts and expect you to be as equally epic. I know, contradicting since I said it's fun to switch the God Mode on yourself every once in awhile, but it's not fair if you're playing the game with the standard equipment and haven’t fully upgraded. It probably isn’t fair for the enemies if you’re beefed up and not them, but all it takes is a difficulty change to level the field. Games are supposed to be challenging, true, but not just as frustrating.

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    Yeah, I pretty much am done with this game, even though I only have 540 of the gamerpoints. The part of the game I have been stuck on the last couple of days is not even remotely fair. It's not just the enemies that can do single hit kills, it is also the fact that the camera does not stay fixed on the action, leading to many cheap deaths because I had no way of knowing that an enemy (that can kill me with one hit) was attacking me right off the side of the camera frame.

    This is not even remotely fair, and it is sloppy game production. I enjoy challenging games, but I enjoy them when the challenge comes from decent game construction, not when it comes from a combination of enemies that can kill me in one hit and a camera that cannot even keep its eye on them.

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    Yikes. So what? -10/10?

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    Heh, it's not the worst game I ever played on the 360. But between the atrocious camera, the unresponsive combat controls, the badly-designed platforming segments, and the fact that there are bugs in the game that like to completely freeze my 360 once in a while, it's pretty fucking close. I expected better from Namco. This game is not just incompetent - it's very much broken. Most game companies release patches if they release a game as broken as this one is (with the constant freezing of the system that it delivers), but there is no patch for this one.

    Well, the next game I'll get from GameFly will be better, whatever it is. I'll stick with the 540 gamerscore, and this will be a game on the very short list of games that I started getting gamerscore on, but I never will get the full 1,000. There is no shame in that in this case.

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    That was the same way I felt about Fallout: New Vegas. The bugs really reduced the quality of what could've been a great game. Honestly, I think Bethesda was in a rush to release something in order to hold gamers over for Skyrim.

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