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    Default Looking for tips!

    I am not so into diapers like you guys. I just have a fetish for girls in pull-ups.
    So I'm just looking for some tips, to get my girl to wear them.

    Best Regards,

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    If your girl doesn't want to wear them, don't try to get her to do it. I would make sure that shes fully comfortable with it first. Start off with hints. Then tell her about diapers. If she already knows then you could leave obvious things in the open that will show that you like girls in diapers. Generally do it slowly, I mean basically don't just randomy come out at breakfast "will you wear diapers?" and me speaking from a non DL point of view, I wouldn't take it too kindly... I would be a bit shocked.

    Anyway. Hope this helps, Good luck And may I suggest that you introduce yourself, such as hobbies, favourite sports, general interests, favorite football team .ETC
    Welcome to adisc

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