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    Smile AMradio's Introduction

    Hello Everybody!
    Great forms you guys have here. I made a post earlier today, and was asked to put up an introduction here, so here it goes: I'm 19 years old, and will be graduating from high school in 59 days - Yes... I'm counting down the days I live in Georgia on a horse farm, and am very active in the rodeo community (If there's a rodeo in Georgia, you can bet I'll be at it). I'm kind of "country" by nature, but our farm is right outside of Atlanta, so I guess you'd say I'm "A sophisticated cowboy". My day job is being self employed as a mobile auto detailer, so I LOVE vehicles. My dad's always been a car collector, so I got my start shining up his classic/exotic cars. My personal ride is the love of my life, a 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD. It used to be our main truck to tow our gooseneck trailers before we replaced it with a Freightliner Sportchassis... As I said, it's the love of my life. Any thing else you want to know? This is my life... working hard, and playing harder.
    As far as TB, DL goes - I go through phases. I've got a pack of Goodnites in my closet, but rarely wet/wear them. I bought a pack back in October, and still have 4 diapers left out of a 12 pack. I've always wanted to try Pampers size 7. Never caught the adult diaper (Depends) bug... maybe one of these days. I think the next big step I want to take is using a pacifier... seems like fun. As far as sexual orientation... I like girls, but have always had a difficult time with them... I'm shy.

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    Welcome to the site AMradio, and very nice introduction. Living on a horse farm must be nice, but having exotic cars is definitely cool. I had at one time, two cars which I ran at the track, quarter mile. It was great fun while it lasted.

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    Welcome to the site! ^.^ I just joined yesterday, it's pretty great.
    You did really well on your introduction... I failed it completely, but I have no intention of making another. :P
    You seem like a cool person! :]

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    You said that you live outside of ATL.
    I used to live in Griffin, GA
    I'm a redneck transplant here in IL
    I live, eat, and breath Country/ Country life style.
    As for cars, I love working on them, and own a dirt stock car.

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    Welcome to the site, AMradio! I used to be stationed at Fort Stewart, down the road a pace. Make yourself at home XD.

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    Welcome!!! Good to have another Southerner here... Everclear fan? (*AM Radio*)

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