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Thread: Another quick question: adult swimming diapers?

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    Default Another quick question: adult swimming diapers?

    searched, nothing came up which is relevant.

    Anyway, was wondering if anyone had ever come across anything along the same lines as the Little Swimmers swimming nappies but in adult sizes? I'm hoping there's a disposable one if I can get them.

    Anyone know?

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    I am pretty sure that no such thing exists. Adult swimming nappies are available, however, they are re-usable washable nappies. They are usually just like a waterproof pant, without any absorbent layers, and are really only used for faecal incontinence. I have never heard of any disposable swimming nappies being available outside of the Huggies and Pampers brands, and I doubt there is a big enough market for them to made in adult sizes.

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    I bought the disposable ones once and unfortunately they are basically just very thin disposable plastic pants basically a shower cap that goes around your waist. There is 0 padding I was really hoping I had found a little swimmer for adults but for adults its cloth swimmies or bust it looks like.

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    Disappointing to hear xolyshaxo, I have been wanting to try these myself. In the online store I was looking at the PDF didn't make them look quite so poor.

    Special needs swim diaper, Adult swim diaper | My Pool Pal

    May still try them one day but remember re the price like little swimmers you can probably dry them out and reuse them until soiled.

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