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Thread: 4 days in diapers and counting!

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    Default 4 days in diapers and counting!

    Well, today marks my 4th day of wearing diapers non-stop. And ya know, I've never felt happier in my life! To make it even better, I've got a weekend to myself where I can wear what I want. And I'm spending it in diapers.

    Finally I can go out the house without worrying about the 'little accidents' that I've been having recently and can go to bed and wake up wet but keeping the sheets dry.

    Yay me.

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    Congratulations! Have fun wearing this weekend.

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    Ah it's going to be a good weekend when I can dig out the terry nappies I have hidden in my bass amp...

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    Congrats man! I love wearing diapers 24/7, but I only do so for periods that last about a week or so. Hiding diapers in your bass amp? Never though about doing that, I may have to look into that in the future, Im sure they will fit in my amp .


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    That's great, and have fun with that! You passed my record of just 3 days of diapers non-stop 24/7. =P

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    good for you.... live life with happiness, this is not a rehearsal, you only get 1 shot at it so do what makes you happy...
    i feel excatly the same when i wear... its a feeling that nothing else comes too... ive just had 7 days non stop... still wearing at night.... longest ive gone is 2 weeks non stop, i am seriously considering 24/7 now though.....

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    Ah it feels good...

    @Ronbeast: Yeah, I have a (broken) 200w amp which I've gutted and use as a hiding place for things I want no-one to know about.

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    Good Luck! Hope your enjoying it

    Longest i've managed so far is 6 days.

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