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    Well I'm getting my check today after working my ass off on Saturday and I really want to get some diapers. I was thinking about just getting depends, and yes I know that they suck, but they are right there and there is no risk of them getting intercepted in the mail (I still live with my parents). But I was also thinking about just getting a prepaid card from CVS (same place I would go for the depends anyways) and then using the card to get some cushies or teddy bear bambinos. Any one got an opinion?

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    Default diaper cost

    Depends are ok not best but easy to get and cheap.I never tried bambinos what do you think of them. What site has the best price? Thank you

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    If you really want the cushies bad then get the prepaid Visa and get them.

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    Buy the cvs brand. They are less expensive and will work pretty well for the price.

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    i would defently go with the cvs brand and double them it works 20x better for my pumpkin

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    Weigh out your risks for ordering the cushies; do your parents know about the diapers? If they don't know yet, I'd be more reluctant to order them online and risk exposure if I were you. But that's just me, and having said that, my parents didn't really get that pissed when they found out and your mileage may vary.

    Besides, Depends aren't too bad if you layer them up. Sometimes if I have a few sitting around I'll take a few and cut off the plastic backing so stuff can flow through and layer them together so it's like wearing one super-thick diaper.

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    If you're worried about getting caught, think about it like this - what's easier to explain - actual adult diapers (I've been having nighttime accidents and didn't want to say anything) or adult baby diapers (???)

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