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    So I'm currently staying in a hotel in Philly and wear diapers at night whenever I'm away as it's difficult to do so at home. I'm not incontinent but wet myself as I love the feeling of a wet diaper. Anyway, last night I was peeing my diaper while half asleep and I woke in the morning and realized that it had leaked badly and on the sheets was a big circle of pee underneath me! The hairdryer was attached to the wall in the bathroom and I had no way of cleaning it up. So decided to make my bed, get dressed and leave for my day of meetings. When I got back to the room last night the bed looked as though it had been remade and I nervously pulled the sheets back and sure enough the sheets had been changed. The interesting part to this was that when I laid down on the bed I noticed that they had put a plastic sheet on the mattress, which is particularly loud and crinkly. Quite embarrassed about it, but at the same time this is the first time I've slept on a plastic sheet and love it!

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    Hopefully your credit card does not show an extra charge for replacing the mattress. I have a friend who works in the hotel business and depending on the type of hotel will charge "room damage" for a soiled mattress. Hopefully they will not charge you for it. And as far as the plastic sheet thing goes, if you decide to get one once your home. Spend a extra few dollars and get a good one. The cheap ones do make a lot of noise but are also really uncomfortable as well after a while.

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    You could travel with your own plastic sheet if you're afraid of it happening again. Then you can take the sheet off when you go out for the day, and put it back on at night.

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    I've had this happen as well, but not quite as severe. And it also happened the last night I was in the hotel, so I'm not sure if anything would have happened if I had been staying another day. Oh well, but a plastic sheet on the bed would have been pretty nice. The bigger issue that I always run into, is where to leave the used diapers? I also wonder what the clean people think when they find adult diapers in the trash in the bathroom....

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    Sorry I couldn't help but laughing about this

    Well I guess something good came out of it if you discovered you like plastic sheets now =D

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    Well, it has happened few times to me as well but very often in the European hotels you find a (good quality) protection as a standard on the matresse

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    honestly i think if youre making an effort to bag everything up and put it in separate bags that you shouldent have a problem with diapers, like you could even set up a plan that you take the diaper with you to dispose of in a public bathroom if its in a nice sealed bag

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    Not even sure I would know what to say if I get to check out and they've charged me for a mattress. Seems a bit unfair if they do. But I certainly wouldn't want to argue about it. That would be more embarassing than leaking in the first place! Given that they put a plastic sheet on it I would suggest that they should probably have it protected in the first place as mskvor says. With regard to disposing of my diapers I never leave dirty ones in the room and always bag up and dump in a trash can in the street.

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    I've noticed that with plastic under my sheet it blocks air circulation and gets hot and I sweat. anyone else have this issue?

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    When I make my hotel reservations I always add that I am a bed wetter and would like some extra mattress protection on my bed. They have always come through and whether I wet the sheets during the night or not I get new sheets everyday of my stay! I have not been lucky to have the crackly vinyl mattress covers though and had the fabric covered ones with the waterproof backing put on my beds during my stay. Right now I would prefer the zip on vinyl covers for my hotel bed because of all the bed bug problems popping up in a lot of the hotels in most of our major cities.

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