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Thread: There will be cupcakes...(the cupcakes are a lie)

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    Unhappy There will be cupcakes...(the cupcakes are a lie)

    hewwo... *politely curtsies* my names Josh, but i go by Jess, Momoiro, or Pi. imma 17 yr old boy on the outside, and a 1 - 2 yr old girl on the inside... its hard to believe how hard it is to find a website thts tailored toward the tbdl/abdl/sissy/babyfur community without it being morally wrong <_> ive dealt with stress since 8th grd, but i had it really take off when i had a nervous breakdown in freshman yr... over the past three years, ive been having uncontrollable and unexplained accidents tht seemed to frequent themselves more each time it happened. well, two days ago i was laying on my bed reading a magazine when i started peeing out of nowhere. it hadnt happened in over 8 months and i was scared... but i was even more afraid when it happened a few hours later... and my body gave me no prior warning! i immediately drove to my urologist after school and he did some tests and was trying to piece it together when it happened agin... this time i didnt even kno it was happening till the chair was soaked. he asked me a question i wasnt expecting at the time: "Have u been dealing with stress lately?" and me, totally embarrassed and ashamed said: ive deawt wif it sinthe octhober iwn 2007. he then asked: "when did it start to become overwhelming if at all?" and agin i said: "fweshman yeaw... i had a newvouth bweakdawn (i has a lisp in rl if u didnt kno... brain damage from being exposed to too much radiation from X-Rays) and he decided to have me take one more test... he wanted to see how long it took between when i had to pee. he gave me a coloring book, which normally would have made me rlly happy, IF i hadnt started doing it agin on the way to the bathroom in his office <_> he told me tht the test was no longer necessary. he diagnosed me with bladder shrinkage (which i had confirmed by my family medical doctor, finding out tht it was and is the size of a ping pong ball) and he noted that it also killed the nerves that sent the signals to and fro my brain alerting me when i had to go. and he told me tht i was offically urinarily reflexive incontinent. ive been aware of the ab/tb/dl/sissy/fur concept for almost 10 years, and have always been an active member, and hope to make rlly god friends who understand my pain somewat...

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    Lucky for you there's a great community here you'll make lots of friends! Welcome and have fun!

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