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Thread: Stress Relief?

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    Question Stress Relief?

    I'm curous what everyone does to relieve stress? I do a number of things. By far, my favorite thing to do is go out to the range and shoot holes through pieces of paper with my AR-15. Another thing I do if I can't get out to the range is kill virtual people in Call of Duty 4's online multiplayer. I also surf the net for hours on end and lay in front of the TV. Reading also helps me, on occasion.

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    I don't really get stressed...I guess I would go online/video games if I was stressed

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    baby kiffer


    If I've had a stressful day, I'll likely end up diapered that night.

    If I'm stressed during the day, I'll try meditation and deep breathing.

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    I don't get stressed. Either that, or I'm stressed all the time so I don't notice. xD

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    I'm normally really easy going and everything, but sometimes if my blood sugars are off I get all moody and depressed and stressed... when that happens watch TV or listen to some good music really loud...

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    Meditate I am really into mediation and that stuff and they say to be in your most comfortable state so diapers is a must, plus I don't ever stop meditating to use the bathroom because that would ruin the vibes

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    My way a relieving stress...well lets just say I got a 50 kill streak on CoD4 last time I was freaking out

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    I don't really get stressed very often, but when I do, I like to listen to music.

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    Normally I am seen flicking my pens. But when stressed I will be trying to teach myself a new trick which results in allot of ink of the arm. If I am still fairly stressed. Talking a nice walk or bike ride around the village to help 'cool off'.

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    What I'll do is put on my quick list on my zune sit down and listen to it.... or I play expert guirtar hero, or TRY through the fire and flames.... I'm getting close to being able to complete it through to the end not on practice =D

    The thing I love to do the most though is talk on AIM with my friend because she always understands everything and is always helpful if something is wrong shes awsome =P

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