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Thread: Undejams Or Goodnites

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    Post Undejams Or Goodnites

    What do you like better Undejams or Goodnites?

    I like underjams because there thicker and hold more but they run kinda small. Goodnites are a really good fit but leak easily.

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    I prefer Goodnites because they are not uber small.

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    Yea they are bigger. But since im small i can fit in undejams easily. =]

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    yeah i tried them both and i would honestly have to prefer goodnites

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    I agree that Underjams hold more, however I have a terrible time with the sides staying together all day. I'mma 28" waist, yet they're pretty much shredded by days end. That said, I'm gonna vote for Goodnites 'cause of the better construction, even tho they don't hold quite as much (I use'a Kotex overnite as a booster pad anyway)

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    I like Goodnites better as well, but I still like Underjams too.
    It's sad that the GN"s website doesn't seem to want feedback on their product anymore.
    I also hope that Pampers doesn't give up on UJ's any time soon.

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    Goodnites, simply because Underjams are too small for me (just barely) if they made them a bit bigger i'd definitly buy another pack of them.

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    goodnites all the way

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    Goodnites. Not ideal for hosing and loading, but they fit.

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    I liked underjams more for a while but I prefer goodnites simply because of the fit

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