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Thread: cannot clear youtube video history

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    Default cannot clear youtube video history

    While watching some video on youtube today I noticed on my youtube home page there were several suggested diaper-related videos. That by itself wasn't directly bothering me because they're easy to explain off usually since it's a machine trying to pick something for you.

    BUT it also says by the video, "Because you watched" and a link to the video that inspired the suggestion. OK those need to go away. So I go to my account and video history and clear it. Shows 0 now. Back to home page. Still full of suggestions and "Because you watched".

    So some googling for the problem. Yep, known issue. 1/3 of them are suggesting going to the main page and disabling modules. These are all old posts, guessing that's been removed. I can't find it anymore.

    1/3 of them are saying to clear cookies. That logged me out of youtube, but as soon as I logged back in, the suggestions were back with links from history. Other threads suggest that the video history is stored in the google account anyway so that was a waste of time, it would show them up on any computer I logged into youtube on.

    The last 1/3 of the threads told me I'm just screwed and the only way to make them go away is to delete my account. Lovely.

    So, anyone have any other suggestions? I thought turning on Private Browsing was sufficient, I do that for here, but it'll be hard for me to get into a habit of logging out of google all the time too. And that's not going to fix the mess that's already present. I watched a lot of videos today and it didn't flush the videos off my main page. Anyone have any ideas?

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    You could just disable recommendations and make a private account for your diaper related video watching.

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    The private account for viewing diaper related sites is really the only way to do it. The issue is that, as long as you are logged into the site, it knows who you are and tracks your activities. No amount of private browsing or cookie clearing will prevent that. I'm sure that YouTube actually considers it a feature. So either don't be logged in, or have a separate account.

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    Unless you're looking at straight up porn, you should be able to just get away with just signing out.

    As for the history thing, clear your liked videos, history, and anything like that.

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    When that happens to me. I usually watch a bunch of non diaper related videos. It usually quits showing those diaper video suggestions after a day or so and only shows the non diaper videos as suggestions.

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    do this - run 2 Browers - download a second browser - like fireFox or chrome and use just IE for diaper related stuff...

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    do what I did and make a seperate account for dl related stuff

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