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    Default Minecraft

    Does anyone play minecraft here? I have purchased the game and I am a happy home owner.

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    I minecraft. Much love. I occasionally hack in TNT to make wicked fun excavation time.

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    I have minecraft but I am not a "premium user". Since Minecraft rarely gets updates as much as it used to, and the updates are lacking in quality over time. I don't really want to support it. Also java is a horrible application to run a game like minecraft on and despite what Notch says the game can still be a downright buggy mess.

    That said, I am able to host my own sever without the use of hamiachi and I am looking for non greifer player's and preferably someone that knows how to build better then me (nearly anyone). I also want to keep it 100% legit which isn't hard since I love mining and know how to make massive tree farms.

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    Their was a thread on this before. It died out.

    I have been with minecraft back in the begining with eairly alpha. so worth everything. I love it

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    I have it as well, great game to play when bored, that's for sure. I bought it during Alpha so I got it for €10.

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    Purchased during Alpha, worth it imo except Minecraft seems to randomly go black screen and crash when im playing on a server. lol

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    I play it, so addicting i could start playing at 10 but then look again it 2am o_O

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    i play it, and like it (legit version)

    i got my own private Bukkit server running on my homenet with some plugins including the MagicCarpet

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    I wish Java worked for me, that way I'd be able to play it.

    Oh well. Looks plain alone.

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    This is my current home. It is built into the side of a hill and has been my home since the start of my game.

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