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Thread: Insane Black Ops Killstreak.

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    Default Insane Black Ops Killstreak.

    YouTube - Black Ops 38 and 1

    I went on a insane killstreak ended 38 and 1. Got attack dogs and a chopper

    no adbl related comments on youtube please

    i had to record the footage with my phone

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    Nice! Make an abdl related playercard lol
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    Not a fan of Black Ops...

    Although last night on MW2, I went Supernatural (10+K/D) for about eight games in a row :P

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    im obsessed with having a positive K/D

    I sucked at MW2 but i have a 1.24KD on black ops

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    on black ops, my best game was 70-1 and my most kills was 195-20 (give or takes some deaths) K/D is 3.68. but those amazing games are once in a blue moon so good job

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    you bet they are and i must say yyour beast. I just got black ops for my PS3 as well and so far my KD sits at 2.85. Its way easier on PS then XBL

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    haha yea i know i play on XBL (xbox ftw hehe) this was when i played MW2, but i went to my friend's house who had PS3, the first game i played I went 33-3 and by the third game i got him his first nuke >.<

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    Lol. A call of duty game.

    Quote Originally Posted by baby_mike View Post
    yeah all the noobs play ps3
    I kind of feel obligated to oppose this point.

    There is no difference between the online communities. How do I know?
    I bought both copies. I bought 360's initially then sold it and got the PS3 title.
    (Then sold that because CoD is a bad series.)

    If there is anything that bothers it me it is misconceptions and biased answers. Especially those with no sources.

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