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Thread: Hello im kevin... haha :)

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    Default Hello im kevin... haha :)

    ummmm so... sorry not really sure what to say but.. hi? XD

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    thanks and sorry okay.. Well i guess why Im here is to talk with other people like me and get different viewpoints on what TB/AB is all about, and to try and figure out why in the world Im a TB, although Im not sure if the introduction forum is the place to talk about that.. other than that Im just your average teen, I like to play vidio games, hang out with my friends, love to go camping, and wrestling is my passion. (collegic and freesyle)

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    Welcome to adisc!, you are now doomed to stay here for an eternity *Evil Laugh*

    What types of videogames do you enjoy, and what console? :P

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    haha well probly not an eternity but i think ill stick around and see what its all about.. and I have an X-box 360, and i like Halo, Call of Duty (black ops and MW2) umm oh idk those are my favorites but i also like RPGs... what about you?

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    Hey, another Kevin from Cali! Haha, welcome. What part are you from?

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    Haha are there alot of us here? and im in the center area of california, how bout you?

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