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Thread: female genital cutting

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    Default female genital cutting

    This time I would like to talk about violence against women.
    Women are now considered equal to men, but achieving this wasn't easy; it took a lot of times and many battles.
    Unfortunately they are not considered equal everywhere on Earth.

    One of the most barbaric practice people do on a woman body is the genital cutting.

    Example of genital cutting is the infibulation, a surgical practice performed without anesthetic on young girls before the onset of puberty to ensure chastity, which consist in the surgical closure of outer lips of the vulva leaving only a small hole for urine and menstrual blood.
    Sometimes this practice is performed at the same time with the removal of clitoris and the removal of inner lips of the vulva.

    dangerous are the results of this practice: Urinary incontinence, organ damage and obstetric fistula (development of a hole between vagina and rectum). danger cames also from poor hygiene conditions during the surgery.

    Performed often for cultural/religion reasons in third world's countries, This practice have been condemned by ONU (or UNO) and other cultures as barbaric and cruel.
    Many countries banned it with laws, giving heavy punishment such as hard labor for life or, if the girl dies, death sentence.
    Unfortunately, although the laws banish it, it still being performed In an illegal way, and girls continue to suffer.

    I hope this cruel practice will stop in the future and all this girls could live their own life deciding for themselves what is better for them.

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    Or better known as female castration or circumcision.

    YouTube - Horror of female circumcision - 8 Feb 08

    It is a sick, sick thing. Although - I've noticed it talked about on televison a lot more than male castration.

    Please read CAREFULLY what I am about to say! The sick people who created this had a good idea. Just in the very very bland sense. Keeps the girl "pure" until they are married and they take the stitches out so they are able to have sex. HOWEVER, the way it is done, and the fact that it is done in the first place is disgusting. My heart bleeds for every single girl at risk, it is truly terrible.

    The whole idea, like I already mentioned is to keep the females sex free and pure until they are married. When that time comes the stitching comes out, and they are able to produce children. This, if I'm not mistaken, Originated in South Africa. It is still practiced in the US illegally. When they cut the clitoris off, it also takes away the pleasure for sex, installing the notion that girls are used for producing children, and nothing more.

    I can't imagine how many girls die from the unsanitary conditions, as well as the non-educated women who perform this on the girls. They must really be brainwashed, to hold your child down, without any medication to help with pain, and to listen to your child scream, is harder than anything, and if you can do it... then there is something seriously wrong.

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    It's an atrocity. But the real problem is that people don't trust girls to make the right decisions in regards to sex I think. It's not like they are sex maniacs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incomplete Dude View Post
    It's an atrocity. But the real problem is that people don't trust girls to make the right decisions in regards to sex I think. It's not like they are sex maniacs.
    Well I won't trust my daughter. Sex is something that can easily be done, with the right amount of pressure by the right person.

    But then again, I'd NEVER EVER sew up my daughters vagina because of my distrust. >.<

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    Thanks Target_0 and Mandi for explaining this in detail. I had heard of female circumcision before, but didn't know what all it entailed. I figured something surgical was done on the clitoris and that was the extent of it. That is absolutely horrible. The human race can be capable of doing so much that's good, but also capable of unspeakable atrocities. Laws can only make it illegal to do openly, so like other inhuman acts performed by people the practice just goes underground.


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    I gotta say it's pretty screwed up. I think there was an episode of Law & Order about this as well. Wow, there's an episode of Law & Order about everything. If not, then CSI has it covered.

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    o don't even mention CSI... they base everything partly off of fact and partly off of fakeness, like that one furry episode they made furrys sound like gross disgusting THINGs, when most of them are so kind and caring...

    This is absolutely disgusting though, how could anyone do this to someone... the least they could do is improve on how they do it...

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    That's what the media does. They twist and sensationalize everything... even if it ends up being further from the truth when they're done with it.

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    It is a very odd procedure, actually, I won't use the word odd.

    Approx 130 million girls and women have undergone FGC, with an estimated 3 million new cases a year. The two most common procedures are called clitoridectomy, the partial or full removal of the clitoris, and infibulation, when the sides of the vulva or vagina are stitched almost completely together. Everything from a knife, to shards of glass are used to make the cuts. Conditions are often unsanitary, with no medical anesthesia.

    FGC occurred often in Europe and America during the 1800's, all the way up to 1937 in fact. It was done in western civilization to prevent females from masturbating, which at the time was to believed to cause insanity in women. It is still done around the world, mostly in Africa for one major reason, tradition.

    Since it is such a large part of many cultures the main efforts in stopping FGC from occurring is done in community education, not outright banning the procedure. The most successful methods so far is to kinda do a 'mock' cutting, as in going through the motions, but having no cutting take place. Although these efforts have done very little thus far. To many cultures, FGC is as normal to them as male circumcision in our cultures.

    Hopefully it is something that will fall by the wayside, but it will take many people acting on a local level for that happen.

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