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Thread: blue screen errors

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    Default blue screen errors

    How many blue screen errors have YOU gotten before.

    I would like to know, I don't know why I just do... XD. If you post you should, you don't have to but you should, include your OS and any other information..

    I've had around I think 5 right now...

    I have a Windows XP Dell, that is around 2 -3 years old now... my first one occured probably about a year ago when I was trying to play a game and it glitched up... the next few kept occuring randomely when i would start up a game, not everytime just some times.

    I hope that one I get a new harddrive and video card that it will fix the problem maybe... If not then I may just have to send it into a repair guy, too bad I have a lot of stuff that I could uhhh get reprted for on my computer XD, no not porn i don't have any on my computer... I mean programs and special um stuff for games XD

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    I don't know that I've had any under Linux. I think I've had only 1 or 2 under WinXP. The only times I made my system crash much, were when I was developing a kernel module on FreeBSD... and these were because of bugs in my own code! .

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    I had them like every 30 mins, when i used windows me. I got BSOD once or twice with xp and never with vista. I think it would be black screen'd now anyways, since the new vista theme is "black".

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    I have never had one, and in the last year I have had:

    Acer Aspire Desktop (About a year and a half old) - Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Toshiba Satellite Laptop (About 4 months old) - Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit
    HP Pavilion Laptop (About a month old)- Windows Vista 32bit

    My Toshiba was hacked, and a BIOS password was put on that I couldn't get rid of, so I got rid of the computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm3 View Post
    :O it's so easy to fix that, Mandi!
    It wasn't! I tried everything! >.<

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    that stinks... i thought i got hacked once by this one guy who used to be on these forum i used to go on, because he was running the site and he closed it down because one person pissed him off then i kept AIMing him to at least give the domain to someone then he blocked me, I thought he had liked hacked my router somehow because neither my sister nor I could connect, but it turned out my sister decided to put an ethernet cable into the hub then connect the other end back into it -.- I was freaked out for like 2 days cause I thought we have to buy a new router or hub or something

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    Oh my gawd! Its teh bleu screen of deathzorz!

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